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Dolphin Discovery: A miraculous breeding program
TOPIC: Watersports & Recreation
November 6, 2013

Recognized as one of the world’s most successful dolphin breeding programs, the Dolphin Discovery Miracle program has grown over the years, thanks to the passion and dedication of an entire team providing day-to-day care for marine mammals. It aims to preserve marine life and attain a deeper knowledge of the reproductive biology of this fascinating species.

By understanding the different stages of dolphins’ lives and needs, Dolphin Discovery is able to provide a better environment, not only for the marine mammals currently in its care, but for all future generations born under human care.

The program began in 2002 and to date there have been 82 first and second generation marine mammal births under human care: 66 dolphins, 12 sea lions and four manatees; a source of pride for the entire Dolphin Discovery group.

Dolphin Discovery is proud to share the success of its dolphins born under human care in Cayman and invites the public to come visit its facility and view its family, including a calf born earlier this year. It has locations in 13 destinations across the Caribbean and Mexico, the result of 11 years of dedication and passion focusing on the wellbeing of its marine animals. More than 100,000 hours of care, over 120 Trainers and one certified veterinarian in each destination has made this incredible success possible.

“The success of the second generation offspring is the result of continuous investment not only in first class facilities that enable sustained research, but with talented humans dedicated to training the right way,” says Eduardo Albor, CEO of the Dolphin Discovery Group.

“Our love for these species and the fact that we are the only company with locations with all dolphins born under human care is simply the result of our stand on irrational capture practices that are carried out around the world.”

Thanks to this successful dolphin breeding program, Dolphin Discovery now has five destinations with all dolphins born under human care including Dolphin Discovery Cozumel, Anguilla and two of its newest locations in Mexico: Dolphin Dreams and Dolphin Palace.

“During the last 12 years we have worked in a sustainable manner to provide our dolphins a natural habitat that would also provide all the care needed to foster dolphin births,” says Edgar Urbina, V.P. Animal Training & Education.

“We have gone beyond established training and care for these marine mammals as evidenced by our accreditation from the U.S.-based Alliance of Marine Mammals Parks and Aquariums and our certification by The International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association.”

Dolphin Discovery is proud to introduce its newest member of the family; its new baby calf born Jan. 18, 2013.


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pete digiacomo
Dolphin Discovery: A miraculous breeding program
Posted by pete digiacomo on 11/7/2013 6:06:05 AM

Sorry but it is one thing to rescue injured or sick dolphin or other see creatures and return them back to the waters that they came from. But to breed them and then they get to spend the rest of their lives as slaves for human entertainment and be used for REASEARCH. These are very smart and family based mammals. I,am sure the mammals are fed and cared for but in the end they are still slaves that would rather be free to swim the oceans.
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Randy Gross
Dolphin Discovery: A miraculous breeding program
Posted by Randy Gross on 11/6/2013 12:12:58 PM

I'm not impressed.
What is impressive is that these facilities continue to exist despite the fact that they are cruel and unusual punishment for marine mammals.
They have been reproducing for millions of years without our help and this so called breeding program is merely a ruse to get people to accept the incredible greed of the people who own Dolphin Discovery.

Please release them.
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