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Da Fish Shack is da bomb
TOPIC: Dining & Entertainment
By: Vicki Wheaton
February 6, 2013

Da Fish Shack is the latest addition to the George Town landscape with a stunning view of the harbour and ample space where patrons can kick back, relax, enjoy a cold drink and fresh, fresh fish dishes.

Speaking of cold drinks, what better beverage is there than a refreshing beer as you watch the world go by? Caybrew and Ironshore Bock can be found here on tap, served up by friendly staff members like Jennifer Leggett.

Jennifer hails from Texas, and has been working in the Cayman Islands for some time now. She recently joined the staff at Da Fish Shack, and she can’t say enough good things about the place.
“Da Fish Shack has this fabulous view and a great atmosphere,” she smiles, “and I work with a wonderful team of people here.

“Thanks to our location, I get to meet a wide variety of people throughout the day and night. Cruise ship passengers stop by in the day, and in the evening we get a mix of residents and tourists coming in for dinner and a drink. No two days are the same which keeps my job interesting.”

Da Fish Shack is the perfect place to be serving Caybrew products, as the building is one of the oldest in George Town. It is a local landmark, so it’s only fitting that it serves local beers.

If you’re looking for somewhere to just hang out and enjoy some great fresh fish accompanied by a cold Caybrew or Ironshore Bock, look no further than Da Fish Shack on the waterfront.


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