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Today's Date: 23 August 2014
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Stroke & Stride 2014: Three dates to mark in your calendar
Sports & Fitness
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Stroke & Stride 2014 is back this month.  Sponsored for the second year by A Step Ahead Physiotherapy (ASAP), this ever popular event is a firm favourite with local athletes of all abilities.    
Lazy days of summer
Local Lifestyles
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Don’t you sometimes wish you were still in school? When July and August were months to be savored, and you could look forward to every day, knowing you didn’t have to do anything but enjoy the sunshine?  
Summer staycations: There’s no place like home
Local Lifestyles
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Even residents from places like Florida are keen to visit these shores, as our powder white beaches and crystal clear waters are rare treasures. The diving’s pretty amazing too.  
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