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Today's Date: 02 March 2015
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Zara Dyer of Ocean Frontiers
Divemaster of the Month
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It’s not difficult to understand why someone from the UK would be interested in working in the Caribbean, but Zara Dyer traveled to a number of exotic locales before settling in the Cayman Islands.   
Cortez Vernon: Photographer extraordinaire
Local Lifestyles
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Cortez Vernon was the photographer on set, capturing the four Kickstart footballers in all their glory. We asked him about his background, and where his work can be seen.  
Watersports roundup
Watersports & Recreation
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It’s no surprise that given Cayman’s year-round sun and warm climate, watersports are a popular pastime for visitors and locals alike.  Crystal clear waters by skimming the surface, or submerging deeper into the depths, the options are endless.  
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