Today's Date: 02 October 2014
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Current Cayman Weather Conditions

88 F
31 C
Sky: Sun and Clouds
Relative humidity: 78%
Wind direction: E
Wind speed: 11km/h
Visability: 16km
Pressure: 1016mb
Other Storms in 2004
Name Storm Type
ALEX Hurricane
BONNIE Tropical Storm
CHARLEY Hurricane
DANIELLE Hurricane
EARL Tropical Storm
FRANCES Hurricane
GASTON Hurricane
HERMINE Tropical Storm
IVAN Hurricane
JEANNE Hurricane
KARL Hurricane
LISA Hurricane
MATTHEW Tropical Storm
NICOLE Subtropical Storm
OTTO Tropical Storm
NICOLE (2004)
Start Date:
01 Oct
End Date:
11 Oct
Category of Storm:
Subtropical Storm
Max Wind Speed:
Minimum Pressure:
986 mb
Number of Deaths:
Bermuda, Atlantic Canada, United States
Interesting Fact:
developed from the interaction of an upper level trough and a cold front. A trough is an elongated region of relatively low atmospheric pressure A weather front is a boundary separating two masses of air of different densities
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Date Time Type Lat Long Dir Spd Wind Pressure
Oct 10 0 UTC Extratropical Storm 30.0N 65.2W -- deg -- mph 45 mph 1000 mb
Oct 10 6 UTC Subtropical Storm 31.0N 66.3W 315 deg 14 mph 45 mph 1000 mb
Oct 10 12 UTC Subtropical Storm 31.5N 66.5W 340 deg 5 mph 45 mph 1000 mb
Oct 10 18 UTC Subtropical Storm 32.1N 66.5W 0 deg 5 mph 45 mph 998 mb
Oct 11 0 UTC Subtropical Storm 32.9N 65.5W 45 deg 12 mph 45 mph 994 mb
Oct 11 6 UTC Subtropical Storm 34.3N 63.9W 45 deg 21 mph 45 mph 992 mb
Oct 11 12 UTC Subtropical Storm 36.0N 61.8W 45 deg 27 mph 50 mph 986 mb
Oct 11 18 UTC Subtropical Storm 38.5N 60.5W 20 deg 31 mph 50 mph 986 mb
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