Today's Date: 01 July 2016
Last Updated: 11 January 2016 17:07:40 EST
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Asphalt plant arrives on Cayman Brac

Black topping soon come

Driving on Cayman Brac is about to become easier.

A new asphalt plant is being installed on The Bluff, off Songbird Road, which is capable of producing 80 tons of asphalt an hour.

According to Colford Scott, who in charge of the plant, the first part of the island that will have blacktop roads will the northern end of the Brac.

“We don’t know exactly where yet, but it will be on the northern side,” he said.

Mr. Scott said the plant cost between $600,000 and $700,000, including shipping it to Cayman Brac from the United States.

The island has 50 miles of roadways, including main thoroughfares on the north and south coasts, cross-island bypasses, and secondary roads, which were last resurfaced more than 30 years ago.

The Terex Magnum 80 drum-mix plant comes with a control cabin, raw materials, asphalt, fuel tank and heater. It will be operated by three people, with another two people running a quality control laboratory.

The new road surfaces will be created using local aggregate and asphalt from Florida.

The plant is expected to be operational by late May once the plant has been assembled and tested.

Mr. Scott said Cayman Brac’s roads would resemble the road surfaces in Grand Cayman once the asphalt is laid.

Cayman Brac’s Public Works Department and the National Roads Authority are working together on the project.

The National Roads Authority will supply personnel and special heavy equipment from Grand Cayman. The equipment includes an asphalt paver, three dump trucks, two rollers and laboratory equipment.

Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who along with other officials witnessed the off-loading of the asphalt plant at the container port, said: “I welcome this arrival which will be critical to both refurbish and create additional roads.”

She added: “It will also facilitate the continued development of property on the Bluff, and benefit the islands as a whole.”

Chief Officer Kearney Gomez, Deputy Chief Officer Tristan Hydes, District Commissioner Ernie Scott and Deputy District Commissioner Mark Tibbetts were also on hand to watch the asphalt plant being unloaded.

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