Today's Date: 28 June 2016
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CUC bill is $10,738.81

Iva Hart with her two CUC bills stating she owed more than $10,000 for her February electric service.  Photo: Brent Fuller

A Bodden Town resident was mailed a CI $10,738.81 electrical bill for the month of February – apparently in error – by the Caribbean Utilities Company.

The bill was quite a bit higher than the $147 charge Iva Hart paid in January.

She’s lived in her modest two bedroom home in Belford Estates since 1989 and said she has never seen an electric bill higher than $200.

“I went to CUC and had a quarrel with them,” Ms Hart said. “And they said, ‘oh just pay us $106.’”

She did that and left the CUC offices. The next day, Ms Hart said she received another bill for $10,631.81.

The $106 payment had apparently been subtracted.

“I called again (Tuesday) morning and told them I was going to the news,” she said. “I just wanted to let people know to check their bills before they pay.”   

A CUC spokesperson confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the initial $10,738.81 bill was the result of a printing error and that Ms Hart currently has a credit for 13 cents on her account.

CUC’s Pat Bynoe-Clarke wasn’t certain why another bill was sent out, since arrangements had already been put in place on the customer’s account.

“This was the result of a billing error,” Mrs. Bynoe-Clarke wrote in response to questions about the overcharge. “Once it was identified, immediate action was taken to rectify and the matter was resolved with the customer.”

As of mid-day Tuesday, Ms Hart said she hadn’t heard from CUC representatives about the remaining CI $10,631.81 bill.

Mrs. Bynoe-Clarke assured the Caymanian Compass that the account had been fixed, and that slip ups of this kind were quite rare for the electrical company.

“In the processing and running of thousands of bills a rare error such as this can occur,” she said. “CUC apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

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