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Pizza and the Super Bowl: A match made in heaven

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest event on the US sports calendar. It is one of the few games that brings football fanatics and those who just enjoy a great party, together.

It’s difficult to not get swept up in the excitement of the Super Bowl, whether you’re at a bar or at home. There is the electric atmosphere, the ads that play throughout every quarter and of course, the food. You can’t have a Super Bowl party without the right comestibles to nosh upon; so if you’re planning to have the gang round to your house to watch the 47th annual clashing of the titans, you’d better bring your A game, and that means pizza.

There are a number of different pizza purveyors in the Cayman Islands that can make your life very easy on Super Bowl Sunday. Why slave over a hot stove for hours when you can pick up the phone and order delivery? There are also some specials available out there to save you a buck or two. Always an advantage when you are feeding a hungry crowd.

We asked some of the experts how they get geared up for the Super Bowl and got the inside track on the most popular pizza ordered.

How do you prepare for the big day?

Pizza Hut: We put on extra staff and drivers so that we can deliver our orders early or on time.

Gino’s: We have all hands on deck for Super Bowl Sunday as this typically and predictably is one of our busiest days of the year. All of our pizza dough and sauces are fresh made so there is quite a lot of advance preparation that is done, including doubling our typical fresh stock on hand.

XQ’s: We have more staff and more food at the ready to make sure we can handle the demand.

How many pizzas would you say you sell on Super Bowl Sunday and are the majority delivery or takeout?

Pizza Hut: The majority of the pizzas we sell on Super Bowl Sunday are delivered to people’s homes and parties. We sell over 200 pizzas on that day and that number includes large, medium and small sizes.

Gino’s: Our pizza ovens typically are maxed out for most of the day and we can produce up to 40 18-inch pizzas an hour. Although we will have up to five delivery vehicles running, more than half of our orders are pickup as savvy clients are aware that they can get their pizza much faster this way. Gino’s sells about 200 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday.

XQ’s: Last year we sold 81 pizzas, but we didn’t have any specials running. This year we are offering an amazing special from 3pm to close, so the number should increase dramatically. People also are more aware of the fantastic pizzas we sell, so we are expecting many more orders this time around.

Are you running any specials for the Super Bowl either delivery or takeout?

Pizza Hut: We are running the Pizza Mia which is three medium pizzas for $21.

Gino’s: In the past few years we haven’t run specials, but we do put a notice on our web site and Facebook page as well as in the media to ask our customers to order ahead of time to guarantee picking up or receiving their order at a specific time.

XQ’s: We are offering 50 per cent off pizzas from 3pm to close for dine-in customers who purchase a beverage and free delivery at our regular prices.

Do you have a humorous Super Bowl experience to share?

Pizza Hut: It can get pretty interesting around here when suddenly everyone calls at the same time with delivery orders.

Gino’s: I can remember showing up to some people’s house who were our Mise en Place clients for their wedding and after coordinating their four course plated dinner on their special day, I showed up outside their door with my Gino’s cap on and a pizza delivery. They were quite confused by how different my two roles were and found it pretty funny.

XQ’s: No humorous experiences yet, but there’s always this year!

What would you say is your most popular type of pizza purchased for the Super Bowl?

Pizza Hut: The most popular pizza we have is pepperoni.

Gino’s: The king of all pizzas for us any day of the year is the 18-inch Gino’s Classic, a double pepperoni and cheese delight.

XQ’s: The Diabola, our pepperoni pizza.

May the best team win!

You can’t have a Super Bowl party without the right comestibles to nosh upon; so if you’re planning to have the gang round to your house to watch the 47th annual clashing of the titans, you’d better bring your A game, and that means pizza.

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