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Cayman International School bids adieu to 2012 graduates

The 14 graduates from Cayman International School.– Photo: Submitted

Cayman International School’s graduation ceremony was held on Friday, 15 June. The celebration was for its 14 seniors, with Mr. Garth Arch, the Young Caymanian Leadership Award winner for 2012, as the keynote speaker.  

Director Jean Caskey and Secondary Principal Jeremy Moore welcomed the graduates, family, friends and special guests. The CIS Band, under the direction of Gene Welch, provided the prelude, processional and recessional music. CIS secondary students Sabrina Silva and Sarah Pierson performed a special musical selection in honour of the graduates.  

As well as graduating, awards were given; Miguel Monteiro was named the CIS Valedictorian. Miguel also received the Ernst and Young Valedictorian Award, the PTA Scholarship Award and the Dart Foundation Award for High Academic Achievement. 

Sophie Cater received the CIS Salutatorian Award, Samantha Grundy was named the winner of the National Gallery Award and Miguel Monteiro and Taryn Sykes were recognised for their long term commitment to the school.  

Other scholarship winners included Appolina Bent, who received the Appleby Legal Education Scholarship; and Isabella Magalhaes and Miguel Monteiro, who both received scholarships from various universities.  

CIS is proud of the 14 students who earned their diplomas. In addition, all graduates enrolled in the rigorous IB Diploma Programme were 100 per cent successful in their accomplishments. 

CIS congratulates its 14 graduates for their many academic achievements, creative talents and strong leadership skills.  

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