Today's Date: 04 October 2015
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Lisa Turner of IDG
Design trends
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Put your own things out and spend a little money choosing interesting items that help express the quintessential you.  
Inside Out This Week
Hammocks from A. L. Thompson's
Nothing signifies luxuriously contended indolence more than a hammock, swaying gently in a warm breeze.
Wedi - Designer showers made simple.
Inside Out Articles
Design and build
Design trends
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Some companies are now moving firmly in the direction of design-and-build projects, enabling more centralized control over the whole process and fewer headaches and disappointments for both builder and client.  
Development and Real Estate
Real Estate
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Developers are investing in some impressive new luxury residential and commercial projects, while real estate companies are reaping the benefits of the expanding market.  
Contemporary décor
From the Homefront
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Furniture and décor store Marksons is expanding its contemporary selection due to a rise in demand and current popular trends.   
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