Today's Date: 29 August 2014
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Clubhouse for catboats
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Only a few generations ago, catboats were the main means of transport in the Cayman Islands and a vital part of everyday life.
Inside Out This Week
Harbour Point, Omega Bay
If you are looking for a newly built two bedroom, two bathroom condo in a small, waterfront complex, look no further than Harbour Point, Omega Bay.
Wave Consulting
Wave Consulting - indoor air quality assessments, cooling load calculations, project management and consulting services.
Inside Out Articles
Shipped from  Chına
Design trends
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The phrase “Made in China” has been given a whole new twist in three of Cayman’s newest restaurants.  
Go custom
Design trends
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As householders become ever more discerning when it comes to design for their home, many are choosing to “go custom” and opt for bespoke furniture and furnishings.  
Pretty parasols
In the shops
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Helene’s eco-friendly parasols are popular not just for their whimsical appeal as sun shades, but also as accessories at weddings and other special occasions as well as design accents in the home.  
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