Today's Date: 01 February 2015
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The intricate art of henna
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Here in Cayman, Shilpa is best known for her passion of applying henna, the use of which is intrinsic to Indian culture.   
Inside Out This Week
DCS by Fisher & Paykel from Brand Source Home Gallery
DCS by Fisher & Paykel - innovative living. View now at the Brand Source Home Gallery.
Logic TV does not require a dish or antennae and has unparalleled picture quality and features due to the channels being transmitted over high-speed fibre optic cables.
Inside Out Articles
Outdoor Studio
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Architectural firm MJM Design Studio, run by husband-and-wife team Michael and Joelle Meghoo, has opened a sister company called The Outdoor Studio.   
Sirocco beach homes
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The upscale residences offer an unparalleled barefoot lifestyle in Cayman, with living rooms and master bedrooms featuring corner walls that fold away to allow occupants to step onto a powder-sand beach.   
Spice up your kitchen
Design trends
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An entire kitchen overhaul may be too expensive or impossible due to floor-plan restrictions. 
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