Today's Date: 28 November 2014
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Key West  twist
Readers Homes
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Architect Mike Stroh has recently completed what is arguably his most meaningful project to date - his own family home.  
Inside Out This Week
The Audiophile Group
Visit The Audiophile Group for all your audio needs and more! Home automation, home theater systems, professional audio products, video conferencing...
KitchenAid from A.L.T.
KitchenAid from A. L. Thompson's - beautiful cookware to bring all your culinary creations to life.
Inside Out Articles
Christie’s affiliation
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Led by Jackie Doak, Provenance Properties markets and sells residences developed by Dart Realty, as well as select third-party listings.  
Green at a glance
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Wondering about green home technologies? Take a look at how Geothermal cooling; Spray foam; Solar and Green air conditioning can work for your house.  
Asian  fusion
Readers Homes
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Career banker Bruce John renovated his beachside apartment recently to give it a contemporary look with an Asian flair.  
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