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To place an advert, please complete the form below, and press the ‘submit’ button. Please note: Items marked * must be completed.

Part 1: Contact Information

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Part 2: Advert Type


Part 3: Placement

For Classified Advertisements, select from the following classifications:
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Part 4: Advert Size

Note: a full page is 6 columns wide, 16 inches high.

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Part 5: Colour

These prices are in addition to the advertising space charges – see rate form for more information.

If you have chosen to use a spot colour, please indicate which colour below (for specific colours please contact us to check availability):
Note: Colour is not guaranteed, as in some cases adverts fall in areas that there is no colour available. Colour is subject to final approval at the publisher’s discretion. Please note that some colours change from screen to press.


Part 6: Dates of Insertion

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Current Deadlines

(Subject to arrival time of email, not submission time, as arrival times may vary):

Monday Edition: 10.00 am Wednesday
Tuesday Edition: 10.00 am Thursday
Wednesday Edition: 10.00 am Friday
Thursday Edition: 10.00 am Monday
Friday Edition: 10.00 am Tuesday


Part 7: Payment

All charges are in US Dollars (except for Cash or Check payments). Payment can be made via three methods, please select the method of payment you prefer.



Part 8: Advert Copy

Please enter your ad copy here, we reserve the right to reject any advertisements that are deemed inappropriate or against our general advertising conditions.



Part 9: General Conditions

1. Advertiser and advertising agencies assume liability for all contents of advertisements printed and responsibility for any claims arising there from against the Publisher.

2. The Publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by such advertisement.

3. Payment for advertising is required within 30 days of receipt of invoice and supporting proof of publication for those advertisers approved for a 30 day account. Credit extended at the discretion of Pinnacle Media Group Ltd. Unless credit facilities have been previously agreed, all advertisements must be pre-paid.

4. All advertising is subject to the approval, revision or rejection of the Publisher. Freak typographical advertisements such as upside-down, or top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top, may be rejected by this newspaper.

5. The Publisher reserves the right to insert the word "Advertisement" above or below any copy submitted.

6. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser or Advertising Agency to notify the Publisher in writing of any errors in advertisements or insertion date of same within 24 hours of publication.

7. Pinnacle Media Group Ltd reserves the right to refuse publication in circumstances it deems appropriate.


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