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Hyde Shipping & Hyde Agencies Ltd. Shipping through the years
TOPIC: Business Expo - 2010
October 15, 2010

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The Hyde family has been associated with shipping in Cayman for several decades.

The family’s legacy of shipping began with great grandfather David Hyde, of West Bay, who ran a small sailing sloop called the Adios, transporting coconuts between the Islands.  
Hyde Shipping was founded by Captain Myrl Hyde and his three sons, Meade, Allan and Kern, who built the business on small coastal freighters that moved passengers and freight between the islands, the US and the Honduras mainland in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

The family’s company, Hybur Ltd., was officially incorporated as a Cayman corporation in 1967. Nine years later, Hyde Shipping Corporation opened in Miami as an agent for Hybur Ltd., and in 1978, the Hybur Sun container ship was added to the Hybur fleet, beginning a transition from conventional ships to container vessels.

In June this year, Hybur Ltd. reinstated its direct shipping service between Miami and Cayman as part of its weekly Western Caribbean operation - a service it discontinued in 1979 when it leased its shipping and cargo loading services to another Caymanian company.
“By re-establishing direct shipping service to Cayman, this move takes us back to our roots,” said Captain Meade Hyde, president of Hyde Shipping Corporation.  

“For Hybur Ltd., quality service involves more than operational capability. It is a continual effort to remain in synch with customers’ needs.  As our customers’ priorities change due to business conditions, we take that into account and react accordingly.

“We operate fast and flexible ships in our trade routes, and have the most experienced and skilled personnel to provide you with the quality of service you require,” the captain said.
Hybur Ltd. has served many of Cayman’s merchants since the 1960’s.

Over the years, Hybur Ltd. and its sister companies Hyde Shipping Corporation and Mak Freight have grown in stature and reputation by offering friendly, courteous and professional services to its customers from its base in Miami. It has become the premier carrier of choice to Belize, Cancun and Roatan, offering weekly services.

Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event at the Royal Watler Cruise Ship Terminal in September, George Hunter, the long-time agent and manager of Hyde Agencies, said that when Captain Meade Hyde first sailed to Cayman in 1958 on the M/V Judy with a cargo of cows and lumber, Cayman was still “the islands that time forgot”.

“There was no dock at Hog Sty Bay. The lumber was unloaded on the rocks and the cows were made to swim ashore at West Bay,” he said.
The first routes serving Grand Cayman by the Hyde Family were from Roatan and Guanaja.

“As Cayman grew and developed into the modern island that we have today, so did Hyde Shipping. In 1978, as the port was being modernised, Hyde Shipping, under the leadership of Captain Meade, began replacing their conventional freighters with container ships, their first container ship being the “Hybur Sun” for service from Miami to Grand Cayman,” Mr. Hunter said.

Throughout the years, Hyde Shipping has served the Cayman Islands with shipping, warehouse and consolidation services.  
“We have had the pleasure to work with many of the nation builders of Cayman and to help them to grow their business with dependable and affordable shipping,” said Mr. Hunter.

 Today, Hyde Shipping has a fleet of modern ships, consolidation services and a warehouse in Miami near the airport.  It offers twice weekly sailings from Port Everglades. Other ports served from Port Everglades are Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

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