Today's Date: 27 May 2016
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International Financial Centres Forum launched
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 International financial centres have a new voice with the launch of the IFC Forum, which was formally launched in London on 1 December.
The Forum was established to provide authoritative and balanced information to contribute to the public conversation on the role of international financial centres in the global economy.
The founding members of the IFC Forum are law firms in several of the leading small international financial centres and include representatives from Appleby, Conyers Dill & Pearman, Mourant, Ogier and Walkers, advised by Stikeman Elliott, LLP.
The first forum kicked off with a formal discussion in London between key organisations and individuals who are recognised as thought leaders in the field of international finance.
The Forum has launched a website ( with a key issues section and knowledge centre as a publicly available resource. The IFC Forum will be constantly adding policy papers to these sections. The Forum will publish a monthly newsletter which can be easily subscribed to online.
"Current economic orthodoxy confirms that tax neutral platforms play an essential and constructive role in the world economy,” said Richard Hay of Stikeman Elliott.
“The IFC Forum’s objective is to contribute to global policy through identifying existing empirical evidence, commissioning reasoned research and addressing common misconceptions about IFCs.”

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