Today's Date: 29 July 2014
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When foreign lawyers practice national law:
Jurisdictional Update
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In large, high capacity, jurisdictions with specialist legal practitioners, the need to license foreign counsel to practice national law before national courts is unlikely to be very great.  
New OECD rules strike at the foundation of tax competition
Tax Column
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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) claims that new rules in its recently published Common Reporting Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information are necessary to eliminate tax evasion.    
Stock market investors and OFC-incorporated companies
Offshore Financial Centre
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Today’s global financial markets offer companies and investors an enormous variety of choices across a range of economic prospects, political systems, and operating environments.    
Independent directors and the capacity conundrum
Corporate/Director Services
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The capacity conundrum continues to be one of debate and it has become increasingly apparent that it is not solved simply by the provision of an arbitrary headline number or cap.  
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