Today's Date: 02 August 2015
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Cybersecurity and how fund managers can assess threats
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Cyber risk management should run throughout an organization to include the active involvement of the CEO and board, similar to the way senior management and employees think about an organization’s code of ethics...  
Weathering the storm: The Canadian approach to financial regulation
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Canada has earned much praise for the soundness of its banking of system, and for good reason. It weathered the financial storm well and has been honored with the World Economic Forum’s top rating for soundness annually since 2008.  
“The Shifts and the Shocks” by Martin Wolf
Book Review
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Book review from Warren Coats, CFR Editorial Board member, ex IMF and specialist adviser to central banks of "The Shifts and the Shocks" from Martin Wolf, generally considered one of the most influential writers in his field.  
The Kabulbank Scandal: Part II
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The Kabulbank scam in Afghanistan may be the largest theft of depositor money per capita the world has ever experienced. This is the second of a three-part series chronicling the unfolding and ultimate resolution of that scandal.  
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