Today's Date: 24 April 2014
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How do stock market investors view OFC-incorporated companies?
Offshore Financial Centre
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Today’s global financial markets offer companies and investors an enormous variety of choices across a range of economic prospects, political systems, and operating environments.    
Economic citizenship and residency programs:
Offshore Financial Centre
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In this age of automatic exchange of information, which I feel is inevitable for IFCs that are British overseas territories (BOTs) and crown dependencies (CDs), and transparency, IFCs have to find ways to survive and perhaps one such way is to increase the substance, as I expounded in my last article1, within their confines.    
Law Talk
Brief Notes
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The ELP Bill provides that a limited partner does not owe any fiduciary duties to the exempted limited partnership or any other partner when exercising any of its rights or authorities or otherwise in performing any of its obligations under the partnership agreement.  
Dollars, Euros, and Debt:
Book Review
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Vito Tanzi has again given us a solid economic explanation of what went wrong and why, and what can be done about it. The basic message of the book is that governments have grown too large, have spent way too much money, and have tried to get out of the mess through the inappropriate use of monetary policy rather than by drastically cutting spending.  
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