Today's Date: 23 May 2015
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Regulating minnows in a sea of sharks
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Hong Kong has one of the most open markets in the world.  Since the early 1990s it has also opened its banking and financial markets, creating one of the most competitive markets for banking in the world.  
Fund governance: The trend toward split boards
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This industry trend is being driven by investors who consider that the challenges of such a model are far outweighed by the benefits provided to them by a board that will be more effective in all situations.   
A Greek tragedy and an EU crime
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Let’s start with being provocative: The utterly corrupt path leading to the Greek debt default theater is filled with faux EU pressures, chicanery and bribes, overt and implied, by all 11 sides.   
Akers and Ors v Samba Financial Group
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Until recently, this case was perhaps of greatest professional interest to commercial litigators and insolvency practitioners, involving as it does allegations of systematic fraud, dissipation of vast sums of money and the creation of a staggering amount of debt.   
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