Today's Date: 27 August 2014
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Private fund performance after the Dodd-Frank Act
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The American private fund industry is a significant representative of Wall Street’s interests and regulating hedge funds was a politically sensitive undertaking since the inception of the industry  
How the government monopoly on money imperils the global economy
Book Review
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On June 4, the European Central Bank lowered its overnight deposit rate to -0.1 percent. That’s right, banks depositing their money with the ECB would have to pay for the privilege.    
The biggest friction in the modern economy
Cayman Finance Update
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A key component of modern economic theory is production theory. Production theory is the study of the economic process of converting inputs into outputs. Production uses resources to create goods or services that are then sold in the market, explained by the supply and demand theory.  
Too little scrutiny of G20 plans
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The meeting of the finance ministers of the G20 countries in Sydney in February produced the usual and predictable homilies that so often are the product of such meetings. Most of the time what happens at such meetings can be safely ignored.  
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