Today's Date: 30 September 2014
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Can bitcoin become a major currency?
Capital Markets
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Some consider its remarkable growth in market valuation ($6.7 billion for the total in circulation as of May 23, 2014) to be only a self-feeding bubble, due to collapse.  
Real estate and the Cayman tax advantage
Real Estate Review
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Tax is always an important question when considering the ownership and sale of property. Cayman has many desirable aspects with respect to taxes that make investment in Cayman Islands real estate a wise decision.   
Friend or foe? Judicial review developement
Book Review
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Judicial review – the process by which a person who is aggrieved by administrative action may, under certain conditions, seek review by a court of the lawfulness of such action – is a concept that has in recent years attracted much attention throughout the common law world.    
Too little scrutiny of G20 plans
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The meeting of the finance ministers of the G20 countries in Sydney in February produced the usual and predictable homilies that so often are the product of such meetings. Most of the time what happens at such meetings can be safely ignored.  
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