Today's Date: 25 November 2015
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Will the Green Climate Fund be an evolution or revolution in the maturing world of climate finance ?
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It is universally accepted that it is not possible for such large amounts of money to be mobilized by efforts of the public sector alone. A step change in the current state of climate finance with the inclusion of the private sector is essential to achieving this. A metaphorical revolution in climate finance is needed.  
The vital cross-border investment role played by IFCs
Offshore Financial Centre
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We have been able to respond with hard evidence to counter bogus arguments from opponents about the high levels of so called “tax leakage” from jurisdictions, such as Jersey, having a detrimental effect on the U.K. economy.   
Financial internships and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
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American regulators have recently been scrutinizing financial institutions’ internship programs for potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.1 The United States Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced its first internship-related FCPA settlement with Bank of New York Mellon Corp.   
Appreciating the remaining risks of bankruptcy strip-off of home mortgages
Bankruptcy Column
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Investments in mortgage-backed debts carry reduced risk in light of the special protections afforded to collateralized claims. Second-lien investing, however, is subject to enhanced risk due to the greater likelihood of collateral value insufficiency.    
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