Today's Date: 10 October 2015
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The critical importance of the Cayman Islands to the U.S. economy
Cayman Series
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In May of 2012, and soon before Facebook’s IPO, Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship. Saverin was a co-founder of the social-networking site, and the consensus was that he gave up his citizenship to avoid U.S. taxes that would be levied after the offering. 
Circumventing government
Letters from the Editorial Board
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Cayman has taken just such a permissive approach to certain forms of financial regulation and has reaped the benefits. Extending that approach into other areas might well enable the island to become a hub for other entrepreneurial activities, to the benefit of islanders and to the world. 
The ambivalence of Bermuda immigration
Inside Offshore
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In order to continue to service international business, it will always be necessary to attract, and retain, sufficient non-Bermudian professionals from abroad.  
The common EU corporate tax is a travesty
Tax Column
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As the Greek drama approaches its macabre denouement, one is forced to admit that the introduction of the common currency may have increased economic instability in Europe as well as undermined the age-old tradition of the European rule of law.  
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