Today's Date: 21 September 2014
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U.S. can’t deliver on FATCA promises
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To entice foreign governments to assist in administration of the law and bypass certain legal obstacles, the U.S. Treasury Department has promised reciprocal information sharing. Now, however, they are admitting to having promised more than they can deliver.  
Immigration reform - the past decade
Jurisdictional Update
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The Cayman Immigration Law has changed perhaps more than any other legislation in the Cayman Islands’ history. It certainly has always been a controversial and well-debated topic. 
Jersey ensures its regulatory landscape evolves
Offshore Financial Centre
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One of the factors that helps maintain Jersey’s leading position as an International Finance Center is its willingness to refine and enhance its regulations consistently to meet investor needs.    
Cyber crime: Insurers in the firing line
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As banks become more sophisticated and effective at defending themselves against attack, the focus of much cyber crime is changing. Increasingly, insurance companies are becoming the target. The risks are very real and very serious. Insurers need to raise their game as a matter of urgency.  
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