Today's Date: 27 June 2016
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Is the global fiscal crisis over?
Letters from the Editorial Board
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Have we seen the worst of the global fiscal crisis? The short answer is no. The big economies, with the exception of India and Germany, are continuing to have increasing debt-to-GDP ratios. As debt grows as a percentage of GDP, after some point, it has increasingly negative effects on real growth. Economists debate where the tipping point is, but the empirical evidence shows that as debt approaches a hundred percent or more of GDP, economic growth slows.
Critically needed: Intellectual property modernization
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Steady progress has been made toward Intellectual Property (IP) modernization and reform in 2015. There is still much work to be done in order for Cayman to market itself as a real player in the international IP arena.
Complex financial product preapproval regime - feasible?
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Usually, discussions of the risks posed by complex financial products focus on the people and institutions that invest in those products. This ensures that the regulatory debate about complex financial products is largely preoccupied with matters like disclosure and suitability – and largely neglects the externalities that complex products can generate for third parties. This article will instead discuss the indirect harm that complex financial products can generate for large swaths of the population – people who have no recourse under any investor or consumer protection regime.
Sustainably capturing cruise passenger spending
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Cruising is big business.  Since 1980 the industry has seen more than a 7 percent annual growth rate, which makes it arguably the fasting growing sector of tourism.  It is estimated that more than 23 million people cruised globally in 2015, which generated more than $120 billion in revenues and was responsible for almost 1 million jobs.
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