Today's Date: 24 June 2016
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What is RSS ?

RSS or 'Really Simple Syndication' is simply put, a sophisticated service that provides you a way to identify the content you like and have it delivered directly to you or your own website!

There's no need to search sites to stay up to date with the stories and information you normally browse for as you'll receive the very latest information you are interested in automatically!

RSS is becoming a very popular way to deliver news, sports and information from all over the globe - even here, in the Cayman Islands!  Other websites that offer RSS include The New York Times, CNN & The BBC.

How can I start to use RSS feeds?

You'll need a news reader.  There are many types, some of which you can access through your browser or download an application directly to your desktop.  All readers allow you to display and subscribe to the RSS feeds you select.  Many newer generation Web Browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer have support for RSS feeds and Live Bookmarks.

RSS feeds on your website!

Our RSS feeds are available for use with your website, subject to our Terms and Conditions .

While we encourage the use of these feeds, our requirements are an essential part of their agreed usage on your site.

Please attribute al feeds as "From, Caymanian Compass, Cayman Islands News"  You may not reproduce our logo or trademark.

We reserve the right to prevent the distribution of cayCompass content.  Please read our Terms and Conditions  for further instruction. does not accept any liability for its RSS feeds.  Please see the Terms and Conditions  for full details.

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