Today's Date: 16 April 2014
Last Updated: 16 April 2014 17:32:31 EST
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Nearly four years after an island-wide road-paving project on Cayman Brac began, National Roads Authority paving equipment, shipped from Grand Cayman, remains on the smaller island while the project continues.
There are plenty of taxes to pay in the Cayman Islands.
Elsy Barralga sentenced to six years imprisonment for murdering boyfriend Perry McLaughlin.
New pre-built holding cells for suspected criminals arrived in the Cayman Islands at the weekend to replace ageing facilities that were condemned in an inspector’s report as “barely fit for human habitation."
Research from Little Cayman suggests that large grouper and nurse sharks are starting to prey on lionfish – a potentially game changing development in the Atlantic-wide battle against the invasive predator.
A young dog that made headlines after being found severely neglected and emaciated died on Tuesday.
Lawmakers will review a ban on the importation of spear guns and their replacement parts in the coming months.
Opposition members of the Legislative Assembly are questioning what government hopes to achieve with a “voluntary” jobs location and verification system set up online through the National Workforce Development Agency.
While a young police recruit was granted Caymanian status on Friday, other young people are caught up in the intricacies of local immigration laws that could end with their being sent to their country of origin, where they have no family ties.
More than 400 feral chickens in Bodden Town have died of botulism, according to a post-mortem examination carried out by the Department of Agriculture.
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