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Ron Shillingford has been a journalist since 1982 and has worked in print, TV and radio, mostly in London where he was born. His favourite sport is boxing and exclusive interviews have included Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. His assignments have taken him to America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. He is also the author of three books, one of which, a martial arts handbook, has been translated into Polish, Russian and Japanese.

Ron Shillingford Blog
Hockey is totally awesome
Ron Shillingford
22 February 2010

I never thought I would start talking like my kids, but it’s happening. Their trans-Atlantic style of using words like “awesome”, “totally”, “sick”and the classic “whatever” derive from youth culture TV.

Anyone visiting Vancouver looking for an exceptional Indian restaurant should try Maurya. I had a superb lunch there with Anna, a former Caymanian Compass colleague who recently relocated there. Then it was back to covering the Winter Olympics.

After a lifetime of indifference, I decided to keep an open mind and snap up the chance of watching a top hockey game. It was the bitterly fought one between Canada and the USA on Sunday. The action lived up to the hype with the Americans winning sensationally 5-3. My enjoyment was heightened by sitting beside Randy Huggins, a life-long hockey fan who had driven the nine hours from Washington State to cheer on the Americans.

Randy patiently steered me through the nuances of the sport with added commentary on why Sidney Crosby is the best player in the NHL, the fact that he spotted Martin Brodeur as potentially the greatest goal tender of all time in the early Nineties when the Canadian first burst on the scene and insisted that young Americans like Hilary Knight and the Lamoureux twins will be around for up to three more Olympics, they are that good. Randy also waxed lyrical on Bode Miller, the American skier with a clutch of Olympic medals to his name –all silver and bronze - and he hoped that roughly at the time we were speaking Miller was getting his first ever gold. He did.

I had intended not to watch the whole match, avoid the crowds and leave early to make the three hour trip home to Whistler, but the atmosphere was too compelling. Whatever. My day was sick. Totally awesome!

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