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Ron Shillingford
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Ron Shillingford has been a journalist since 1982 and has worked in print, TV and radio, mostly in London where he was born. His favourite sport is boxing and exclusive interviews have included Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. His assignments have taken him to America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. He is also the author of three books, one of which, a martial arts handbook, has been translated into Polish, Russian and Japanese.

Ron Shillingford Blog
Going to hockey again was really n-ice
Ron Shillingford
25 February 2010

Having been instantly hooked on watching hockey live on Sunday, another juicy session of ice action compelled me to make the trek from Whistler to Vancouver for what should have been the ‘gold medal’match between Canada and Russia. Sensational from the off, it was effectively all over as a contest very early when Canada went 4-1 up. Still a great occasion and worth being there just to see the sheer exhiliration of the Canada fans.

With some time to kill after, I made the trip up to Grouse Mountain. Bad move. Lovely place but it took so long to get there and back, by sea bus, bus and sky train, there was only time for a Mac attack and to catch the midnight bus home. Grouse Mountain is nevertheless a picturesque place and in daylight or on a clear night with no fog affords a wonderful view of Vancouver. Recommended under the right circumstances.

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