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Ron Shillingford has been a journalist since 1982 and has worked in print, TV and radio, mostly in London where he was born. His favourite sport is boxing and exclusive interviews have included Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. His assignments have taken him to America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. He is also the author of three books, one of which, a martial arts handbook, has been translated into Polish, Russian and Japanese.

Ron Shillingford Blog
Drug culture on the wane
Ron Shillingford
23 February 2010

We’re barely past the half way mark yet the drug testing agencies at the Vancouver Winter Olympics are already congratulating themselves on not producing a major drug cheat. (A Russian athlete has been reprimanded for using a light stimulant but he just had his wrists slapped.)

My feeling is that they should wait unti well after the Games to start beating their chests because that’s when a drugs scandal usually unfolds. The impact of having an embarrassing major positive test during the Games always knocks the shine off so organisers try to keep it under wraps.

The International Olympic Council medical commission chief Arne Ljungqvist claims that the drug agencies have finally got ahead of the cheats but I’m not convinced. The ancient Greeks were the first known drug cheats and the culture has evolved ever since, always keeping one step ahead of the testers. With all the millions available to reach sporting success, there are pharmacists finding substances to deceive the system and plenty of athletes willing to take the risks for the massive rewards. Marion Jones was never tested positive despite the obvious contradiction.

It’s great that drug cheating appears to be waning. Let’s hope it will eventually be totally irradicated.

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