Today's Date: 01 April 2015
Last Updated: 31 March 2015 19:21:48 EST
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Cayman knocked grins off Jamaicans

Tafari Ebanks outclassed his Jamaican opponent. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD


Cayman boxers did exceptionally well in Jamaica over the weekend, winning three of the four bouts they were involved in at Treasure Beach Sports Park in Kingston.  

The fact that they competed in front of former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and tennis star Serena Williams added to their excitement. 

The show was staged by the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control as part of its “Road to Rio” 2016 Olympics shows on Saturday, but results did not favor the hosts.  

The coaches with the Cayman team were Nayon “Donie” Anglin and Norman Wilson.  

Hopkin Ebanks, 15, in his first international fight, won by unanimous decision, which included a knock down.  

In the second bout, Diego Rodriguez had to chase his opponent because once he felt how fast and powerful the Caymanian was, he ran throughout the three rounds. 

Third up was Tafari Ebanks, the national team captain, who totally dominated his opponent for another unanimous points win. Bruce Lee Coulson fought next for Cayman, bravely as always, but lost by decision. 

Leyla Jackson of the Cayman Islands Boxing Association said: “When we arrived in Jamaica, television cameras were waiting for us as we left the airport.  

“The Jamaican TV staff were surprised by how young and small our guys looked. They felt that we were coming to get slaughtered by their superb Jamaican boxers.  

“As we traveled to Kingston to Treasure Beach, we were given a grand tour of their sports complex, which accommodates boxing, football, rugby, tennis, netball and basketball.” 

She said the boxers trained Thursday and Friday preparing for Saturday night’s event.  

“When we toured around Treasure Beach, all we could hear is what the Jamaicans were going to do to Cayman.  

“Saturday night it was no more talking. All the people and the audience were impressed how young our boxers were and how well they performed against the Jamaicans.” 

The Caymanians posed for photos with Lewis and Williams. Wilson chatted to Lewis, reminiscing about old times when Wilson was based in London at the champ’s gym in east London, where he coached mostly Swedish boxers.  

Discussions are taking place with Lewis for him to attend the Cayman versus Canada event next year. 

The show was staged by the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control as part of its “Road to Rio” 2016 Olympics shows on Saturday but results did not favour the hosts.  

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