Compass Election Coverage 2013

PPM wins GT, maintains strong majority

Alden likely to be premier

The People’s Progressive Movement took four out of six Legislative Assembly seats in George Town, with results being announced just after dawn Thursday in the Cayman Islands’ largest voting district.  

The win in the capitol gave the Progressives a total of nine seats in the LA, one short of a majority required for a ruling government.

However, the Progressives have previously said they expect to work with independent LA members Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller to form a government and as the sun rose on Thursday that is indeed what appeared likely, although the form that government would take was not immediately clear.   

The tally in George Town had former PPM Leader Kurt Tibbetts in first place, former KPMG-Cayman managing partner and Coalition for Cayman candidate Roy McTaggart in second, PPM leader Alden McLaughlin third, new candidate Marco Archer taking the fourth seat, fifth place going to Coalition for Cayman-supported candidate Winston Connolly and PPM newcomer Joey Hew elected to sixth seat in George Town.  

PPM leader Mr. McLaughlin was presumed to be the country’s next premier, although he acknowledged some deal-making would lie ahead in the next few days.  

Mr. McLaughlin said his party would look to work with any of the independent candidates, including the Coalition for Cayman candidates, to form a government.  

“We have got nine seats, so we have to go now and talk to everybody in the piece about their willingness to work with us,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “The country does not need any more division.”  

The election results left the former ruling United Democratic Party with three elected members alone in the district of West Bay.  

In addition to the two in George Town, independent candidates were elected in West Bay, North Side, and East End, with lone People’s National Alliance member Juliana O’Connor-Connolly being elected in Cayman Brac.  

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