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National Gallery Instructors Show

Under Sail on the A M Adams, 2012 by John Broad. – Photo: Submitted

To celebrate the end of the first year of classes in the National Gallery Education Centre, work by gallery instructors will be showcased in the first ever National Gallery Instructors Exhibition.  

Instructors at the National Gallery are either art teachers, well-known professional artists or nonprofessionals who have much experience and practice in their medium. Classes are diverse, ranging from “Sketching for Life” to abstract art to photography. Instructors are invited to develop their own curricula, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace from a range of artistic philosophies and approaches. 

The work on display will come from a diverse range of genres and mediums allowing the audience to appreciate the full scope of the programmes.  

“The show will seek to demonstrate that art courses are run by artists for artists,” said Eme Paschalides, the gallery’s education manager. “One comes to them purely for the pursuit of art, for the desire to understand artistic thinking and process and to discover what that understanding can bring.” 

Featured artists include John Broad (Sketching for Life I & II), Art Pasquali (Photography), Gabrielle Wheaton (Drawing), Lana Kostich (Oil Painting) and Solenn Carriou (Abstract Painting). Instructors will be present for critiques and discussions during the public reception. 


The exhibition opens 29 January and runs until 22 February with a public reception from 6 to 8pm on Tuesday 5 February. For more information, call 945-8111 or e-mail 

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