Today's Date: 27 November 2015
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Heroes Day Monday

National Heroes Day 2013 on Monday will be a celebration of the many advocates for the development of young people in the Cayman Islands. 

This year’s honourees, who dedicate significant time and energy to developing youth services, represent a cross-section of our community – from teachers and clergy to businesspeople and social workers. 

Awards will be given for Youth Services Pioneers, The Certificate and Badge of Honour and the Order of the Cayman Islands. 

In addition, the day will focus on the recipients of the Order of the Cayman Islands’ medals as well as the Queen’s Honours. 

The Monday holiday fete will begin at 9am (earlier than the traditional 10am start). The programme will include a parade, messages from senior government officials and the presentation of awards.  

It will conclude with a social including live entertainment and refreshments. All are invited. 

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