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Where are we headed?

We the people of these Cayman Islands have been living here for many, many years peaceful and quiet coming through the ages under hard times and poverty.

I can still remember that old thatch house we used to live in not too far from the beach in Bodden Town that did not even belong to our parents.

As I can recall, the owner was one Mr. Stanley Moore, brother to my grandmother Elizabeth Moore’s husband Wilford Moore.

We did not live far from the beach and we were so happy our for our large family who lived in the back of us in Well Path, as it was called in those days, was so united to help raise us. We could go to aunt’s and uncle’s to lend a helping hand in anything they needed. We were all very poor, but were so happy even to see the different fishermen coming from the deep with that boat load of fish, lobsters and conchs.

It was a great treat for we all pitched in to help them clean their catch and in return got some of the catch to take home. Yes, we were very poor, but we had a unity that was unshaken, not even by storms.

As the years went by and I grew to be a teenager, I was taken to the US where I spent 35 years away from my native land.

I went all around the world, even as a soldier, in the USA’s Army and also worked for many years as a jeweller in the diamond exchange in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

But to my surprise when I came home, that old style Cayman had changed so very much it took me some time to get my bearings to know where I was at in this new Cayman Islands.

The Island had changed so much, but still here on Grand Cayman was my beautiful grandmother, Nettie Levy, who was the apple of my eye wit her frail body and silver long hair. Oh, how I loved her and I was so happy to see her, but she was not to be with us much longer and passed away.

I noticed something that had happened islandwide; the people had also made great changes. Also, no longer were boats coming ashore along the beaches with great catches and the whole Island’s people were not nice to one another anymore.

I noticed the great unity we once had was gone. Instead, I saw greed, selfishness, disrespect and very crazy people running as fast as they could in their new cars and fancy clothes trying to get as much as they could.

Oh, how sad to know united we stand, divided we fall had been replaced with he has founded it upon the seas.

Not only did this change take place in such a very short time, but there was with us now people from all over the world; more than 125 different nationalities mixing with our Cayman people. The whole Caymanian culture and our way of life was no longer there.

Instead, the great unity we once had was now a great divide.

Instead of such things as the good Cayman rundown, we had fast food. I found that my people became street-like people drinking themselves to the grave with rum, whiskey and beer. But also, cocaine was from end to end on Cayman with a lot of my people hooked on it.

A very different Cayman with lots of large cement houses, many different streets and tourists all over, coming and going. There seemed to be money flowing like water from a fountain. Cruise ships parked off George Town. This was the new Cayman I came home to find. Some things had not changed and some places like in East End, North Side and Bodden Town, but in George Town and West Bay were like some places I saw in America with large hotels and much more.

After returning to Cayman and seeing a lot of ways to make money, I decided to get into the tourist trade and did just that. I can say for the time I spent as a tour guide and tour operator, I did good making good money, but from the time I got into the tourist trade, which was from 1984-2009, I noticed around 2003 there was a big change going on with the amount of tourists coming and there seemed to be a big drop in the cash flow.

Also, there was still no real cash flow going to the Eastern Districts.

More and more the Island was slipping backwards in the tourist trade and it seemed to be getting worse.

More and more people were not working and many started to lose their houses and until now we have slipped backward with the flow of money and jobs.

The great Cayman Islands was in danger mostly because of the bad management by the leaders who did not and have not put away funds for the years of bad times, hard times and emergencies.

Instead of this, they played blame games with politics dividing the people more and more, to the sad state we have today.

I for one got involved and supported the PPM Party, but just like the good old boy system in the USA, which is like this, you blame me. I blame you, but let us keep the control together and get paid while the people that vote for them stay blind, wasted, drugged up and drunk.

Where have all most of the real Caymanians gone?

Most of them have gone to fill up the grave yards, which is where we are heading with this party system that is with us now and going down the wrong road.

Ask yourself this questions, were you better off before this party system here in the Cayman Islands, or were you better off when it wasn’t. Are you more united today than you were in 1996?

If you answer is no, then look at what has caused all that division, even within your family today.

We have members of the same families against each other because of this party system.

Beware Caymanians, for these two party systems will one day run blood on the streets of Cayman.

And if you do not think that can happen, remember when we did not have guns and ammunition on the streets of Cayman with crime out of control.

Where are we heading Cayman? I, for one, do not see a better Cayman down this road of life unless we try very hard now to make things better for the future.

So in the year 2013, all of us that can vote should help to remove the party system from Cayman and unite.

Emile S. Levy

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