Today's Date: 27 November 2015
Last Updated: 26 November 2015 23:42:59 EST
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Editorial for 28 December: Take it slow this weekend

We’re embarking on an extremely busy weekend.

We hope that everyone remembers to take care while crowding the roads.

Although Christmas Day if over, we should still be focused on the season, why we celebrate it and how we can treat each other better.

This especially goes for the drivers on Cayman’s roadways.

Some drivers’ behaviours are downright deplorable. We still see too many examples of bad driving.

Gone are the days of laid back Cayman Islands where no one got in too big of a hurry to get from one place to another and just about everyone was courteous.

Driving on the roadways of the Cayman Islands – especially Grand Cayman – can be dangerous.

It can be an absolutely horrifying experience and those who make it to their destinations safely can be overwhelmed with a sense of relief.

Remember the old adage – action speaks louder than words.

Those who practice bad behaviour on the roadways are showing their true character and utter disregard for their fellow man.

If you’re rude to someone on the roads, how are you treating those at home who you profess to care for and love?

There’s no reason for speeding unless you’re in an ambulance on your way to hospital.

And weaving in and out of traffic, illegally overtaking and tailgating are just plain rude.

When you see that you don’t need to speed, overtake or generally be a bad driver, it will be easier to exercise care and caution on a daily basis.

We have a vast population of people here from other countries.

Many of them have inherited bad driving habits with them.

Instead of picking up on those bad habits and employing them, we should be encouraging them to practice the old Caymanian ways of being genteel and considerate of others while using the public roadways.

If we start practicing now, maybe we can carry our good driving habits into the New Year.


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