Today's Date: 01 December 2015
Last Updated: 30 November 2015 19:54:03 EST
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Soup-er Bowl really super

Things got a little hot in the kitchen this past weekend when Big Brothers Big Sisters held its annual Soup-er Bowl competition.

All event attendees took their voting very seriously this year and carefully noted their top three picks for the 2012 BBBS Soup-er Bowl Champion. It was quite the competition and the results are as follows:

XQ’s Bar and Grill: Wood Over Roasted Yellow Squash Melange with Sesame Crostini

Westin Casuarina Casa Havana: Lightly Jerked Local Pumpkin Soup, Mango Brioche and Coconut Foam

Full of Beans: Tomato Mushroom Feta Soup

Two additional awards for best display and most unique soup were awarded as follows. Coincidentally these are the same two restaurants that took these prizes last year:

‘Best Display’ – Thai Orchid

‘Most Unique Soup’ – Deckers’ for their Chilled Local Red Cherry & Mango Soup.

BBBS is still tallying the total amount raised, but indications are that the group will be able to assess many more children for its programme and support them in mentoring relationships with caring adults.

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