Today's Date: 30 June 2016
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Students learn about nutrition

Savannah Primary School students enjoy the fruit and water handed out by public health officials.  Photo: Submitted

Savannah Primary School students celebrated Caribbean Wellness Day with fruit and water snack packs.

They also got to hear public health staff talk about nutrition and the health benefits of natural foods.

“In the Cayman Islands our objective for Caribbean Wellness Day and beyond is to foster appreciation for healthy living. We also want to empower our children with practical knowledge, such as the fact that fruit and water as well as exercise are essential for a healthy life. By inspiring our youth to make better choices, we hope to create healthier future generations to come,” explained Health Promotions Officer Therese Prehay.

Caribbean Wellness Day is a Caribbean community initiative observed in the fight against chronic diseases affecting the Caribbean. The theme is Love that Body and the initiative aim to promote and mobilize young and old to sustain healthy lifestyles by being active and eating right.

Chief Officer of Health Jennifer Ahearn and Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden joined the visit. The department’s next stop was at Prospect Primary School Friday.

“We thank Jacques Scott, Generali Worldwide, Foster’s Food Fair and Dart Enterprises for their contributions to the fruit and water initiative. Without them, it would have been impossible,” noted Ms Prehay.

For further information on good nutrition, call the Public Health Department at 244-2621.
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