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ICCI expecting enrolment hike

This year may mark a milestone for the International College of the Cayman Islands in terms of student numbers.

The college, which will be celebrating its 40th anniversary over the 24 September weekend, is expecting more than 220 students to enrol for the upcoming fall, the largest class since the College commenced its evening degree programmes.

The International College offers a range of degrees in business, liberal arts and education, but with the rise of the offshore financial and tourism industries, it has increased its focus on its business programmes with concentrations on accounting and finance. The majority of the students are enrolled in a business programme at the associate, bachelors or master degree level.

“We have done everything we can to maximise our space, from using classrooms back-to-back for our evening courses to cannibalising our bigger faculty offices into classrooms,” said President John Cummings.

“We have simply run out of space. It is a good problem to have.”

Mr. Cummings said demand for more business classes is expected to continue to rise steadily over the next year, particularly for accounting and finance courses.

To address this issue the school is planning construction of a new business building this fall, with an anticipated opening date early next year, which Mr. Cummings said will enable the college to increase its course offerings and still maintain its low instructor-student ratio.

“The age range for our students is very broad. Our students range from teenagers out of high school all the way to adults in their 50s; so most of them are juggling work, family responsibilities, going to school at night and are squeezing in time to study whenever they can,” said Mr. Cummings.

“We have found that our working students really benefit from our smaller classes so that instructors can give more contact time to each student and help them really understand the material.”

Classrooms in the new building will be fitted out with teaching tools such as a smart board, projector and a laptop.

A smart board combines the power of a computer with the simplicity of a whiteboard similar to CNN’s magic map. “Students also have an opportunity to use a smart board for their class presentations and, in the process, help them stay up-to-date with 21st century business tools,” said Director of Graduate Studies Anthony Husemann.

The Cayman Islands Professional Society of Professional Accountants is sponsoring one of the classrooms in the new building to be fitted out. The International College is reaching out to other companies and associations to fit out the second classroom as well as corporate sponsorships to help fund the construction of the building.

“Over the long run, we want to build three more buildings, which will house more classrooms, meeting areas and a new library that will not only be used by the students and faculty, but will also service the Savannah-Newlands community,” said Mr. Cummings.

He is inviting students, alumni, their families, the business community and the general public to come view the site for the new building during the College’s open house celebrations for its 40th anniversary.

“This is an inclusive, momentous event,” said Mr. Cummings.

“Over the course of 40 years, we have had more than 1200 graduates and many of them have gone on to become leaders in the private sector and government and we want to celebrate that legacy.”

The International College has been accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in the United States for over 30 years, and is evaluated and reassessed approximately every three to five years. An evaluation team will be doing an onsite evaluation in February 2011 to renew its accreditation for 2012.
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