Today's Date: 29 June 2016
Last Updated: 11 January 2016 17:07:40 EST
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Dow a media babe

There are a few one-member teams at the Winter Olympics in Canada but when it comes to media attention, Cayman’s Dow Travers is top of the podium.

He had to field over 75 media requests last week and even attracted interest from the likes of Time magazine, the BBC, Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair. Travers was featured in the Vancouver Sun paper last week, half page spread, in fact. He is a media babe, simply because he comes from a tiny Caribbean island. Travers, 22, competes in the giant slalom on Sunday in Whistler, 80 miles from Vancouver.

Premier McKeeva Bush and Minister of Sport and Health Mark Scotland attended the historic opening ceremony in Vancouver last Friday to watch Travers proudly parade with the Cayman Islands flag flying high. Mr Scotland said: “It was a proud moment to see Dow with the flag. He has really helped put Cayman on the map. All this media exposure has given Cayman immense publicity and is of immeasurable value.” Mr Scotland also commended Donald McLean, the president of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee and Carson Ebanks, the committee’s general secretary, on their splendid work.

Mr. Scotland is in won’t be able to see Travers in action. “I was torn between attending the ceremony and seeing Dow compete but couldn’t spend so much time here.”

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