Today's Date: 30 May 2016
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Dow qualifies for giant slalom

Dow Travers

VANCOUVER - Dow Travers has made history by qualifying for the giant slalom for the Cayman Islands for the first time at any Winter Olympics, which are being held in Canada.

The intrepid skier competes down the slopes of Whistler, 80 miles north of Vancouver on Sunday and the whole Island will be rooting for the 22-year-old Brown University student. Although he won’t medal, qualifying for this event alone is a huge achievement.

That’s why the media at the Games has embraced him as their pet interviewee. Araba Monu is from Ghana who now lives in Whistler. She was a student in Canada and when she finished moved to the ski resort and now works in a bank.

“It’s really exciting Canada hosting these Games, especially here in Whistler which is a small, resort town which is partnering up with a big city,” Monu said. “I love it when all the world comes together for one purpose. I know a lot of locals feel this place has been invaded and lots of them went to Mexico, Hawaii or Thailand but I’m one of the locals who wanted to be here when it happened.”

Monu loves to see small nation teams here like the Cayman Islands and her own Ghanaian compatriot, Kwame ‘Snow Leopard’ Nkrumah-Acheampong and Jamaica’s Errol Kerr. Bermuda has a small team too, so in a sense the Caribbean is making its mark in these Games like never before.

Monu said: “I know the Snow Leopard is not expected to get any medals, but somebody has to start for his country, right? I’m really proud of him for coming all this way and the other athletes who came by themselves. I think it’s awesome that Cayman has an athlete here. It’s good that he qualified, trained so hard even though he has little hope of getting a medal. It’s all for the experience.”

Daniel Andreas is a sound engineer for a Swiss TV company. He didn’t know Cayman has an entry but will look out for Dow when he goes hurtling down the slopes. “I wish Dow all the best because he must be really dedicated to have got this far,” Andreas said. “Switzerland has many entries in these Games but I admire Cayman for producing their first Winter Olympian.”
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