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Cayman team settles in

Dow Travers is chilling in Vancouver now.  Submitted

Last weekend saw the start of the Winter Olympics and Cayman made its presence known.

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee’s Winter Olympic team has settled into the Games Village in Whistler. Cayman felt right at home after a “team welcome ceremony” held in the Village.

The Cayman Flag was raised and the national song was played as the team members were recognized. The three-man contingent representing Cayman are Chef de Mission David Carmichael, athlete Dow Travers, and Coach/Technician Eugene Bridgewater.

On the whole the Cayman team left quite an impression with their attire. The trio mixed sea, sand and snow with the team gear consisting of matching flip flops, board shorts, baseball hats and snow jackets. No other delegation wore similar gear.

The team will now settle into concentrated training and preparation for Travers before he competes in Alpine Skiing and the Men’s Giant Slalom this Sunday in Whistler. The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee wish Travers all the best in his event.

The Cayman public are encouraged to look for regular news reports from the local newspapers, local radio stations and local TV station.

Ron Shillingford is currently in Vancouver covering the Games for Cayman, sponsored by the local Olympic Committee.

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