Today's Date: 28 June 2016
Last Updated: 11 January 2016 17:07:40 EST
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Dow is snow joke

Cayman’s first Winter Olympian Dow Travers is putting together his final preparations for the Games in Canada that start next week.

Travers, 22, is at Brown University, Rhode Island, and will compete in student races in the slalom and giant slalom this weekend in the Wild Cat Mountains, Mount Washington.

Organisers of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver are concerned that not enough snow has fallen recently for the skiers to compete in spectacular fashion.

“I’m not worried about that, they have a few counter measures to get over that problem,” Travers said. “They have been stockpiling snow and where I’m skiing they already have a fine layer of it.”

Travers has already received a lot of international media attention because he is so unique, coming from a tropical climate. One interview that’s doing the Internet is on the American station Plum TV.

Unlike the Jamaican bob sleigh team of 1988 who were no hopers and the joke figure of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, Travers has genuine ability and hopes to finish among the contenders.

“Yes, the media is making a big deal out of me, but that’s fine because it helps promote Cayman and really puts it on the map,” he said.

Travers goes to Vancouver on Monday and later in the week his father Anthony, mum Mary-Anne and youngest brother Dean will arrive having driven the 1,200 miles from Aspen, Colorado, to Vancouver with all the gear for Dow and his coach Gene Washington.

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