Today's Date: 22 May 2015
Last Updated: 21 May 2015 21:55:31 EST
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Seamen's support grows to $6M
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Cayman's seafaring days may be in the past, but its benefits list for ex-seamen is growing.
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For at least as long as there has been a ready supply of easy money in the Cayman Islands, elected representatives have been doling it out to their constituents. We like freshman lawmaker Winston Connolly's description of the practice: "It's shut-up money."
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The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority’s “bad debt” will reach $80.5 million in little more than a year’s time, according to estimates contained in the government’s budget.
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Radio talk show host Austin Harris escaped without a criminal conviction on Thursday after admitting assaulting a woman at a party.
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Justice Charles Quin rejected a submission that there was no case for Jose Sanchez to answer in regard to the Sept. 7 2014 murder of Solomon Webster and ruled that the trial should continue on Thursday morning.
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Hurricane exercise tests preparedness
A full-scale national hurricane emergency exercise took place at the George Town Fire Station Thursday in which responders prepared for a virtual category 5 hurricane.
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Visitor wins race in classic style
The third event of the May 2015 DEW Classics went well with 45 competitors taking part in the cycling road race around East End on Sunday.
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Cayman Life
An evening  with adventurer  Warren Macdonald
Warren Macdonald, adventurer, environmentalist, author and double amputee comes to Camana Bay to speak of his experiences and inspire others to change the way they see the world.
The creativity of Caymanian jewelry
Weekender looks at five local jewelry designers
Vega Sicilia:Spain's most renowned wines
Vega Sicilia is the most renowned winery in Spain. Export Manager Puri Mancebo-Lobete explained why during a recent visit to the Cayman Islands.
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In case you missed it
Health City Cayman Islands has officially received its international accreditation, opening up the East End hospital to more medical tourists from North America and Europe.
Cayman's Law Reform Commission wades into the Internet Age on the issues of defamation and contempt of court.
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