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Today's Date: 30 October 2014
Last Updated: 29 October 2014 18:00:45 EST
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Shedden Road squatters arrested, buildings demolished
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The saga of the extended family of missing landfill worker Anna Evans, who refused to leave their Shedden Road homes, came to an end Wednesday with the arrest of four people and the demolition of two buildings.
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The standoff with the squatters on Shedden Road finally came to an overdue conclusion yesterday amidst a mess of crushed plaster, shattered windows, bewildered children, defiant men and wailing women who were forced to leave the squalid premises.
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Two ministries in the Cayman Islands government paid $25,000 each for a sporting event that never happened.
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The former premier blames failures with financial accountability in his ministry on lack of staff.
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The new Cayman Renewable Energy Association formally establishes itself tonight at a reception at Government House.
Ebola protocols no inconvenience, Tourism Minister says
Cayman’s screening process and safety protocols to prevent the Ebola virus from reaching the island do not unduly inconvenience visitors, the tourism minister says.
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Sports News
Barta eager to work with local anglers to boost catches
Fishing guru Tred Barta is motivated to boost competitive angling in the Cayman Islands.
World News
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Cayman Life
The tide is turning in real estate
The mood of the market has improved.
Derrick “Dez” Duffield of Ocean Frontiers
Derrick Duffield, known to all as simply “Dez,” left the world of UK truck driving to join the prestigious Ocean Frontiers diving outfit in East End.  
Tony’s Toys: 15 years of excellence
Over the 15 years since its humble beginnings, Tony’s Toys has seen huge expansion, with managing director Tony being the pivotal linchpin in its success.  
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Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
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