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Today's Date: 15 September 2014
Last Updated: 14 September 2014 17:19:07 EST
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Civil Service role central to reform
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Despite a number of failed attempts to reorganize and downsize the public sector, Cayman’s top civil servant insists that government managers must lead the latest effort.
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Rather than focusing efforts on finding jobs for Caymanians and denying jobs to expatriates, the government should create an economic atmosphere conducive to job creation for all.
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The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association pushes back over a consultant's report that suggests outsourcing for the public sector.
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The government should consider a trade sale or an initial public offering of the Water Authority, according to recommendations in a report by Ernst & Young.
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Caregivers for the elderly, sick and disabled may be exempted again from rollover.
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Sports News
Chris Dart wins Foster's Sea Swin
Newcomer Chris Dart, a coach at the Camana Bay Aquatic Club, won the 30th annual Foster’s Food Fair IGA sea swim.
World News
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Cayman Life
I lost my car, my boyfriend and 15 pounds
This story, by What's Hot editor, Vicki Wheaton, appeared in the first issue of What's Hot magazine after Hurricane Ivan
Captivated by  Charles Long
“The paintings record the changing face of Cayman; they chronicle physical and social changes…”  
Sunset House: My Bar A legendary local favorite
In this day of teardowns and modern buildings being erected, it’s refreshing to see that some of the venues from our youth are still standing. Sunset House’s “My Bar” is one such venue –  
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Video: Diver films scary shark encounter
Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
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