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Today's Date: 02 December 2015
Last Updated: 01 December 2015 20:17:08 EST
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Overseas Territories, London officials expect to broach beneficial ownership issue
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Premier Alden McLaughlin and a six-member Cayman Islands delegation attended Tuesday afternoon’s opening session of the three-day annual Joint Ministerial Council in London. Ongoing questions of beneficial ownership are expected to be among the more contentious subjects addressed among the group of 12 Overseas Territories and Foreign and Commonwealth Office leaders.
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When it comes to standing up in the Legislative Assembly against the practice of “vote buying,” George Town MLA Winston Connolly stands alone.
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Canover Watson personally collected and deposited a check for US$686,000 that represented the first payment for the implementation of the CarePay patient swipe-card system, jurors heard Tuesday.
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Tethering animals on the side of the road is a traditional practice in Cayman, but some say it's time for the tradition to end.
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The Cayman Film Festival will be back next year and is looking to expand and include new opportunities for local filmmakers to develop their talent.
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Brac center for disabled adults faces funding shortfall
Before Harmony Learning Centre was founded in March 2011, there was no place in Cayman Brac where disabled adults could go to learn life skills – or even just participate in fun activities.
Hedge funds respond to effects of regulations for prime brokers
Hedge fund managers are feeling the effects of new regulations for banks and prime brokers through increased trading fees and broader changes to their business relationships.
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Survivors rally thanks to Picate
The indoor volleyball season’s action reached the semifinal stage at the First Baptist Church gym on Saturday with two sizzling games.
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Cayman Life
The Brooklyn offers American-Italian favorites
The newly opened The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta, Camana Bay, offers delicious comfort food, chic decor and more.
'Fallen Angel and Devil Concubine' returns to Harquail
After nearly 25 years, 'The Fallen Angel & The Devil Concubine' returns to the Harquail Theatre stage, as part of its 30th anniversary celebration.
Finding Lazarus
One theme that has become evident is fruit trees, inspired by her island surroundings full of coconuts, breadfruit, bananas, and the most beautiful sea grapes showing off their vibrant colors.  

Democracy and its discontents

The subjects of homosexuality and gay marriage – and particularly among men – drive profound divisions in our society. MLA Anthony Eden, recently resigned, has displayed a certain courage, defending a determined Christian fundamental interpretation of the subject. How do you react? Does Mr. Eden stand tall, strong and correct? Does Mr. Eden advocate a position contrary to human rights? Do differences of opinion define a healthy cultural diversity? (Click here)

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In case you missed it
The Bridge Foundation provides transitional housing for men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Residents of the foundation’s houses in West Bay – the Anchor House for men, and the Beacon House for women – like to call it their little piece of heaven off of Hell Road.
The Cayman Compass has produced an in-depth special report to shed light on what is being proposed in the draft Labour Relations Bill, 2015. This report includes arguments for and against the bill; a history of labor legislation; and articles to put the bill into perspective if it is passed into law.
Swiss authorities have approved the extradition of Costas Takkas, Jeffrey Webb’s assistant at FIFA and former general secretary of the Cayman Islands Football Association, to face trial in the U.S. on bribery charges.
Cruise berthing facilities in George Town harbor have been debated for so long that many Caymanians were either children or not even born when the issue was first considered. The Cayman Compass Special Report, The Dock Debate, looks at the issue of cruise berthing from a wide range of topics.
A British couple who gambled on a move to the Cayman Islands after appearing on the BBC television show “Wanted in Paradise,” say their dream turned into a nightmare after they were confronted with the reality of Cayman’s immigration system.
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