Today's Date: 22 August 2014
Last Updated: 21 August 2014 18:48:17 EST
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Watch linked to McLean’s card
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Senior Cayman Islands government officials have confirmed that a government credit card issued to former Cabinet Minister Arden McLean was used to purchase a US$3,500 diamond-studded ladies watch in 2007.
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All the money our top public officials have lavished on their foreign exploits is our money. We deserve to know exactly how it was spent.
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Credit cards issued to 10 different Cayman Islands Government officials attracted numerous late payment fees and accrued interest at rates up to 18 percent per annum.
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The police Financial Crime Unit is reviewing government travel records in conjunction with government auditors to identify whether any potential offenses have taken place.
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A US$234.40 payment to Comfort Suites in Grand Cayman and a US$783.22 rental car bill in Florida were apparently charged to the local government in various witness protection/assistance efforts.
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