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Today's Date: 06 October 2015
Last Updated: 05 October 2015 18:35:52 EST
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Report on farmed turtle deaths kept from public
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The infection that hit the turtle farm last year, killing 1,268 green sea turtles over four months, did not come to light for almost a year and a half. The information was finally revealed in a Freedom of Information Law request and subsequent appeal for Cayman Turtle Farm board meeting minutes. The board presentation on the infection was initially redacted, but later handed over along with a host of other information after an appeal.
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Human beings are notorious for — and notoriously bad at — manipulating Nature to suit their temporal whims. In other words, playing God. Hubris has brought down greater and wiser men than we ...
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An effort to remove Cayman Islands Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush from the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee is under way.
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Remembered as one of Little Cayman’s biggest cheerleaders, an environmentalist and friend, Gladys Howard passed away Saturday in Texas. She was 83.
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The sargassum seaweed invasion of Seven Mile Beach is likely to be over by Wednesday.
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Governor receives symbolic first poppy
The Cayman Islands Veterans Association presented Governor Helen Kilpatrick with a symbolic first poppy Monday for this year’s Poppy Appeal campaign.
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'Nikki's Voice' team in first race
The Credit Union 5K was a significant event for team “Nikki’s Voice” on Saturday because after three months of intensive training in scorching heat, Nikki Christian and Scott Ruby entered their first-ever race as a pram duo.
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Underwater Art
All of the artists have, at some point, stayed at Sunset House and have definitely been acquainted with us over the years.   
Bitcoin challenges lawmakers, markets and the FBI
The jury will remain out for some time, but the concept of an unregulated international electronic currency has arrived, posing as great a threat to global trade and national sovereignty as an exhilarating boost.
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In case you missed it
The Cayman Compass has produced an in-depth special report to shed light on what is being proposed in the draft Labour Relations Bill, 2015. This report includes arguments for and against the bill; a history of labor legislation; and articles to put the bill into perspective if it is passed into law.
Football boss Bruce Blake has promised full cooperation with any investigation into the Cayman Islands Football Association’s finances after being confirmed as acting leader of the organization.
Cruise berthing facilities in George Town harbor have been debated for so long that many Caymanians were either children or not even born when the issue was first considered. The Cayman Compass Special Report, The Dock Debate, looks at the issue of cruise berthing from a wide range of topics.
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