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Today's Date: 04 September 2015
Last Updated: 03 September 2015 19:21:31 EST
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Unnamed companies gifted almost $1M to CIFA
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Almost $1 million in loans from unnamed private companies have been re-assigned as sponsorship income in the Cayman Islands Football Association’s 2013/14 accounts.
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The U.K. adviser's new report on criminal justice in the Cayman Islands is rather "understated." But that doesn't mean we should understate its importance.
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More than 100 students at Red Bay Primary School fell ill after the school’s lunch period on Wednesday afternoon.
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The Cayman Islands Football Association had a loss of almost $17,000 on buying and selling World Cup tickets, according to its financial statements for 2013/2014.
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A law professor fighting to have his same-sex marriage recognized by Immigration officials so he can stay in Cayman says he has been told he can apply for a visitor’s permit as an interim measure.
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Proud of Them: Kristiann Powell recognized for community service
Kristiann Powell, 18, from George Town received the Proud of Them award for her extensive involvement in community service efforts throughout the island.
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Duran keeps Panthers stalking
The Burger King Panthers are the second-best team on Cayman’s flag football scene right now, but they are gradually closing the gap on the mighty Kensington Hellcats.
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Cayman Life
Caymanian artist, student exhibits in Missouri
Young Caymanian artist exhibits his work in Columbia, Missouri while undertaking a degree in fine arts.
Grab a seat for 'Rent' at the Prospect Playhouse
Cayman Drama Society stages popular musical Sept. 10 through Oct. 3.
Tiebreaker needed for Agua's second sommelier standoff
Ross Chernin defeated Brandon Copico in a tiebreaker in the second Sommelier Standoff at Agua Restaurant & Lounge.

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In case you missed it
An argument against the proposed Labour Relations Bill, 2015 submitted by James Bergstrom.
An argument for the proposed Labour Relations Bill, 2015 submitted by George R. Ebanks.
The Labour Tribunal sided with disgruntled employees in the majority of unfair dismissal claims brought during a 12-month period reviewed by the Cayman Compass.
Over the past 27 years, the same arguments have come up time and again about proposed labor laws.
Cayman's businesses will have to spend time and money figuring out the latest rendition of government's employment requirements.
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