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Today's Date: 03 August 2015
Last Updated: 02 August 2015 18:48:20 EST
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Camana Bay roadwork approved
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Major changes to the road network around Camana Bay, including moving a section of the highway and building a new underpass, have been approved by the Central Planning Authority.
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Friday, July 24, was a good day for justice in this country. On that day, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal handed down three decisions upholding the convictions of three violent offenders, ensuring that they remain behind bars and away from the general community.
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Dr. Neely Panton, son of Cayman National Hero Ormond L. Panton, is a medical pioneer who practices general surgery in Canada. The lessons his parents taught him made a big impression.
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Creditors of Caledonian Bank, which was put into liquidation in February, will receive a dividend payment that in some cases will equal their entire deposit amount.
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Cayman's tourism numbers keep increasing in 2015, but for how long?
Drive begins for school supplies
Caribbean Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. started a drive this weekend to collect school supplies for students.The drive continues through Aug. 22 at various locations.
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Sports News
Special Olympians make big haul
The Cayman Islands team at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles picked up a haul of medals on Friday and Saturday to round off a great tournament for the athletes.
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Cayman Life
Peppers Bar & Grill Something smells fantastic
Even if you don’t think you’re hungry, you’ll suddenly find your mouth watering and your feet turning towards that heavenly mix of jerk seasonings and classic Caribbean sides.  
Your summertime packing guide: just the essentials
This summer, don’t get bogged down by the thought of preparing for a trip. Keep it simple by packing everything you need and nothing you don’t using these five quick tips.  
Volatility on the rise and how to prepare for it
A plethora of factors will increase stock and bond market volatility.

Personal Security

There have been recent reports of aggressive and violent crimes being committed against Grand Cayman residents while they are at home. Do you feel safe inside your own home? Have you considered additional security measures? Or does Cayman remain a very safe place, and these are unfortunate, but isolated incidents? (Click here)

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In case you missed it
When Jeffrey Webb became president of the Cayman Islands Football Association 24 years ago, there was so little documentation and memorabilia that its entire history was handed to him in a shoebox.
Caymanian Bo Miller makes an argument for why the cruise berthing project should not go ahead.
An argument for why the Cayman Islands needs a cruise berthing facility.
Cruise ship arrivals are continuing to increase across the Caribbean region.
Policymakers will have to weigh the value of dive and snorkel sites such as Eden Rock and Cheeseburger Reef against the benefits of cruise berthing facilities.
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