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Today's Date: 05 May 2015
Last Updated: 05 May 2015 08:40:51 EST
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Pedestrian-only zones part of GT plan
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Improving the roads network, making parts of downtown pedestrian-only areas and changing zoning to allow new types of development are among government's ideas for the revitalization of George Town.
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The scathing review of the Cayman Islands Fire Serivce should have been treated by officials as an "18-alarm" conflagration. Instead, they tried to dump it in the nearest wastebasket, hoping it might spontaneously combust. ... It didn't.
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Television regulators are contemplating collecting fees from cable companies to create a universal service fund to help pay for the production of “public service broadcasting.”
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The Cayman Islands has ordered a ban on the importation of the chemical herbicide paraquat, which has been used on island to poison dogs.
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U.K.-based fire service experts advocate for a new fire station in Bodden Town district.
Cayman rallies to support Nepal
Cayman’s climbing community is among several groups raising money for earthquake-hit Nepal amid a growing humanitarian crisis in the Himalayan nation.
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McIlroy top of the world at Match Play Championship
Rory McIlroy had to work harder than ever to win the Match Play Championship.
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Cayman Life
Cayman carpenter
“Whilst Deutsche Bank enabled me to have a stable life, the thrill I get from running my own business, and doing what I love, is no comparison.”   
New IKEA collection
IKEA’s new collection is now available to order through Welcome Home in Governors Square.   
Rundown: A lighthearted look at local life
A good Rundown, or stew, has a little bit of everything in it. Like its namesake, the Rundown production is a smorgasbord of nationalities, headlines, catchy tunes and hot topics that have kept Cayman's audiences coming back for 23 years.  
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In case you missed it
A change is needed for immigration's business staffing plan regime, the premier says.
The new minimum wage report documents the frequent exploitation and abuse of domestic workers.
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