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Today's Date: 03 March 2015
Last Updated: 02 March 2015 22:12:09 EST
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Kerri Kanuga's epic triumph
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Exuberant but exhausted, a triumphant Kerri Kanuga crossed a makeshift finish line in Barkers Sunday evening, following her ultra-endurance run of 106 miles – the equivalent of four back-to-back marathons – and a 6-mile swim.
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In May 2013, the Progressives came into power on a pledge (No dump in Bodden Town) and a promise (an onsite solution for the George Town Landfill). The pledge they have kept. The promise . . . we shall see.
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A developer linked with a five-star hotel plan in Bodden Town is being sued over plans to demolish two blocks of condos on the site.
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Two police officers alleged to have tasered a suspect following a high-speed car chase across Grand Cayman are facing criminal charges.
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Researchers in Little Cayman believe they have captured the first-ever video recording of a predator killing and eating a lionfish in the wild.
Firefighters monitor landfill
A fire at the landfill was fully extinguished by late afternoon Sunday.
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Girls in Limbo tracked it perfectly
The Off The Beaten Track event has grown every year since first introduced in 2010 and over nearly 400 were involved in Sunday’s staging.
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Cayman Life
This coconut has reached “superfood” status in recent years. Coconut oil, in particular, is digested, swished in the mouth, slapped on the skin and hair, and added to food dishes and drinks; it’s even used to clean the house.  
Slow Food Day 2015: Saluting the queens of local cuisine
Tickets for the Slow Food Dinner are $120 all-inclusive and can be purchased online at or from West Indies Wine Company and Books & Books in Camana Bay.  
Losing the inches: Dropping some pounds before a wedding
It’s no surprise that both the bride and groom want to look their best on their wedding day. There are going to be pictures taken, video shot, and they want to be comfortable in their clothes for all that eating and dancing to follow.  
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Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
Video: String Fever play in Cayman
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The salaries of the leaders of some government companies and public authorities leave one local lawmaker "shocked."
Tourists buying high-end properties are driving a huge improvement in real estate sales, according to industry experts.
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