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Today's Date: 29 July 2015
Last Updated: 28 July 2015 22:17:09 EST
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Legislative Assembly takes up construction, financial services bills
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The local financial services and construction industry will need to pay attention during Cayman's upcoming Legislative Assembly meeting.

Legislation aimed at improving the quality of local construction and Cayman’s financial services industry are due to come before the Legislative Assembly in what lawmakers expect will be a “brief” meeting next month.
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The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has undergone a major shake-up ... but, frankly, not the one which we had anticipated.
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Federal prosecutors look for more leads in the FIFA corruption probe while banks come under increased scrutiny again.
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The Special Olympics Cayman Islands team at the World Games in Los Angeles has started really well and already won eight medals.
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Justin Devon Manderson, who was scheduled to go on trial for the Jan. 3 murder of Victor Oliver Yates Jr., was discharged on Tuesday afternoon after witnesses backed out of testifying in the case.
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Report: Caribbean lionfish showing signs of cannibalism
According to a recent study, Caribbean lionfish have the potential for cannibalistic behaviour.
Emirates gasoline prices rise as OPEC member halts subsidies
The United Arab Emirates, OPEC’s third- biggest producer, will raise unleaded gasoline prices by 24 percent next month when it becomes the first country in the oil-rich Persian Gulf to remove subsidies on transport fuel.
Sports News
Rousey seethes over Correia slur
“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey returns to action at UFC 190 in Brazil this weekend in what looks like an extremely easy fight for the bantamweight champ
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Cayman Life
Diamond exchange idea floated
Global diamond jewelry demand grew 2.9 percent to $81.4 billion in 2014, according to diamond miner De Beers. If longtime Cayman jewelry maker Dennis Smith’s plans come to fruition, Cayman could well take a share of that market.
A garden  palette
“I love my garden, the different textures and colors.  I always try to pick plants to give a different dimension. Things are constantly changing – we’re always adding and improving.” 
Atlantis Submarines: Revealing the secrets of the underwater world
If you’re not a scuba diver or a strong swimmer, chances are that you are missing out on some of the most incredible sights that the Cayman Islands have to offer – the incredible world under the sea. 
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When Jeffrey Webb became president of the Cayman Islands Football Association 24 years ago, there was so little documentation and memorabilia that its entire history was handed to him in a shoebox.
Out-of-control dogs are being targeted following an attack on Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick and continued attacks on endangered blue iguanas at the Botanic Park.
Two top-level Cayman Islands football officials who face separate criminal investigations related to bribery and corruption charges own houses on the same street in Loganville, Georgia.
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