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Today's Date: 17 September 2014
Last Updated: 16 September 2014 17:33:47 EST
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‘King tides’ wash over parts of Cayman
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Unusually high tides continue to cut across Cayman’s coasts, knocking over Casuarina trees along Frank Sound and eroding local beaches.
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It seems Premier Alden McLaughlin has an incomplete understanding of where the Cayman Compass stands on immigration and the local economy. Let us respond to some of his concerns.
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Former Premier McKeeva Bush failed to pay back around CI$10,000 of gambling expenses racked up on his government credit card until he realized he was being investigated, prosecutors alleged.
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FIFA temporarily suspends a Cayman Islands businessman from its audit committee.
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Big changes are on the way for Cayman companies in the form of an immigration accreditation system.
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National Trust buys Brac wetlands
The National Trust has purchased 10 acres of wetlands known as “The Marshes” in Cayman Brac in a bid to protect some of the last remaining wetlands on the islands.
Caribbean insurer Guardian General Insurance Limited which trades in Cayman as NEMWIL rebranded to Guardian Group.
Sports News
Krys endures Madagascar ultra
Intrepid ultra-distance runner Kenneth Krys has just conquered another gruelling race.
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Cayman Life
The death of money:
How are you going to protect yourself when the international monetary system collapses? In his new book “The Death of Money” James Rickards argues that it is a near certainty that the existing monetary system will collapse.  
Tones of Cayman
From calypso to reggae to rock to meringue, JR will surprise you every time. Nevertheless, country music is his specialty. Just listen to his new CD and I am sure you will agree.  
Wedding photography
If there is one element of your wedding where you shouldn’t skimp, it’s the wedding photography. You have to get it right the first time, because you can’t all go back and do it again the next day if the photos aren’t up to your expectations.   
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Video: Diver films scary shark encounter
Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
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