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Today's Date: 02 October 2014
Last Updated: 01 October 2014 18:04:40 EST
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Storied Brac cave for sale
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One of Cayman Brac’s best known landmarks, Rebecca’s Cave, is up for sale.
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The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce wants to know: Why have civil servants been tasked with making cuts to the civil service? ... Excellent question.
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A contract dispute brews over the Cayman Islands government healthcare system patient swipe cards.
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Cayman business leaders urge government not to put civil servants in charge of their own downsizing efforts.
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The chief financial officer in McKeeva Bush’s ministry flagged “unusual” cash withdrawals made on his government credit card with her superiors and was told there was “no policy” against such transactions “as long as it was paid back.”
New rules planned for time-share resorts
Frequent Cayman Islands visitors who invest in “timeshare” vacation homes will have their rights and their finances protected under proposed legislation regulating the industry.
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Sports News
Lynx eager to dethrone Panthers
The Domino’s Lynx are ready to deliver revenge on the gridiron.
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World News
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Cayman Life
Captivated by  Charles Long
“The paintings record the changing face of Cayman; they chronicle physical and social changes…”  
Making waves
Innovative flooring inspired by the colors, movements and textures of the world’s oceans is making a splash in Cayman.  
A conversation with...  Randy Merren
Few people have been in the Cayman Islands media and entertainment business as long as Randy Merren.
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Video: Diver films scary shark encounter
Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
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