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Today's Date: 27 August 2015
Last Updated: 26 August 2015 21:26:49 EST
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Cayman's way forward with labor legislation
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The Cayman Compass has produced an in-depth special report to shed light on what is being proposed in the draft Labour Relations Bill, 2015. This report includes arguments for and against the bill; a history of labor legislation; and articles to put the bill into perspective if it is passed into law.
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We highlight Antigua’s problems with landfill fires not for the purpose of reveling in schadenfreude about what has happened over there, but as a reminder — or a warning — of what could very well happen over here … again … at any moment.
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Inspection reports on all government schools show that standards are “simply not good enough” for the long term, says Education Minister Tara Rivers.
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More than half of the 240 people who sat the Immigration Department’s permanent residence exam between May and July answered at least 75 percent of the questions correctly.
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Building work on the Kimpton hotel on Seven Mile Beach is on schedule, project managers say, and the hotel is poised to open on Nov. 1, 2016.
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Goodbye summer, hello school
Dozens of North Side students, parents and siblings enjoyed a final summer fling on Saturday when the Pirates Week Committee hosted the Back to School Community Fun Day at Kaibo Public Beach.
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Weekend warriors bounce back
The summer break is over for Cayman athletes as vacations come to an end and schools reopen. The weekend warriors are primed for another epic series of races up to December.
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Cayman Life
Take to the sky with DiscoveReef
Take a seat on the FlyBike X1 and after only five minutes of instruction, you’ll be riding into the sky, above the waves, on a hydro-powered jet bike.   
Tour Cayman by helicopter
You may think you’ve seen it all when flying in by plane, but nothing can prepare you for the amazing sights you’ll witness from a much more versatile helicopter.   
Lydia Uzzell of Designworks
Invest in items that you can easily take with you to your next home – throw pillows, accent throws, artwork and small accents (trays, vases, coasters, sculptures) that will reflect your personality.  

The Labour Relations Bill, 2015

Public consultation on the Labour Relations Bill, 2015 ends on August 31. What do you know about the proposed bill? Do you think there are many things wrong with the current Labour Law? If so, what are they? Would you still be in favor of a new bill if it were to have unintended consequences, like making it less likely employers will give job opportunities to those with marginal qualifications or troubled pasts? (Click here)

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In case you missed it
When Jeffrey Webb became president of the Cayman Islands Football Association 24 years ago, there was so little documentation and memorabilia that its entire history was handed to him in a shoebox.
Caymanian Bo Miller makes an argument for why the cruise berthing project should not go ahead.
An argument for why the Cayman Islands needs a cruise berthing facility.
Cruise ship arrivals are continuing to increase across the Caribbean region.
Policymakers will have to weigh the value of dive and snorkel sites such as Eden Rock and Cheeseburger Reef against the benefits of cruise berthing facilities.
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