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Today's Date: 03 September 2015
Last Updated: 02 September 2015 18:10:39 EST
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Gay couple challenge Immigration decision
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A gay law professor and his husband are at the center of a possible test case, challenging the “unequal” treatment of homosexual couples in the Cayman Islands.
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Just to keep up with the accelerating pace of the wider world, the Cayman Islands as a country needs to increase its velocity, and get things done more quickly. But instead of moving faster, all too often we find ourselves stuck – in traffic.
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The $1.8 million road-widening project on Smith Road that started in July will not be finished until late October.
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South Sound is undergoing a new development boom with at least five projects in various stages of completion.
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Thieves broke into two primary schools this week, just as the school year was beginning.
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Agricultural pioneers sought for Heroes Day recognition
Premier Alden McLaughlin and Agriculture Minister Kurt Tibbetts will oversee nominations of Caymanian farmers who will be recognized as pioneers of agriculture in the 2016 National Heroes Day celebrations.
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Ebanks has power to get medal
Boxer Hopkin Ebanks has arrived in Samoa after an exhausting two-day journey and will compete in the Youth Commonwealth Games there.
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Cayman Life
David Stockman’s The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America
For six years I’ve told audiences (and even more than a few social acquaintances who would listen) that the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis was not “The Big One.” In time, people will look back on that episode as relatively minor and fairly short-lived compared to the one we are building toward. Don’t believe me?   
Cayman Airways: Fly to the Big Apple and beyond this fall
There are many advantages to flying the national airline, Cayman Airways. For starters, you get two free checked bags, regardless of what class you fly.   
Efforts increase to boost gender diversity in corporate boardrooms
Gender disparity in business, well-chronicled among CEO positions, also extends to corporate boardrooms worldwide. Research has shown that companies benefit not only from being more gender and ethnically inc

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In case you missed it
An argument against the proposed Labour Relations Bill, 2015 submitted by James Bergstrom.
An argument for the proposed Labour Relations Bill, 2015 submitted by George R. Ebanks.
The Labour Tribunal sided with disgruntled employees in the majority of unfair dismissal claims brought during a 12-month period reviewed by the Cayman Compass.
Over the past 27 years, the same arguments have come up time and again about proposed labor laws.
Cayman's businesses will have to spend time and money figuring out the latest rendition of government's employment requirements.
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