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Today's Date: 29 July 2014
Last Updated: 28 July 2014 18:40:31 EST
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Cayman’s air travel taxes among highest in Caribbean region
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Taxes and fees on air travel in and out of Grand Cayman are among the highest in the region.
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This PPM administration has been the most secretive government Cayman has witnessed in the past decade. It's time for them to rejoin the conversation with the people.
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Civil servants are warned not to laugh off government's latest efforts at downsizing.
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The Cayman Islands isn't the only place picking up the tab for Operation Tempura.
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Government takes more than a year trying to decide whether records of Cabinet meetings should be made public.
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Bloody Bay lionfish cull, tasting boost awareness
More than a dozen dive sites in Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Marine Park were culled by divers to raise awareness of the devastating effects of lionfish on local marine life.
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Cayman Life
Divemaster of the month
James Thomson is a man who’s traveled the world, dived in Malaysia, skied in Switzerland, and generally enjoyed life to the fullest.    
Lachlan Morris at Royal Palms
There’s very little to compare to taking a seat at a beach bar on Grand Cayman.  For the lucky few who actually get to work in such environments, they are able to look forward to beautiful vistas and social chat every day.  
Fitness competition hopes build on Cayman sports tourism
In recent years, Cayman has worked hard as a jurisdiction to attract world-class sporting events to the island. Now a brother and sister team are trying to get Cayman on the map as a bodybuilding/fitness mecca for tourism. 
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Video: Diver films scary shark encounter
Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
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