Today's Date: 19 April 2015
Last Updated: 16 April 2015 21:21:18 EST
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Tests examine dump's impact on North Sound
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A series of tests are under way to determine the impact of the George Town Landfill site on the surrounding environment, including the North Sound.
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Most people think of CUC when one of two things happens: 1) their monthly bill arrives, or 2) the power goes out. Their thoughts are not likely to be loving.
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What Cayman Airways spends on operating new, larger planes to fly to Cayman Brac becomes a controversial subject with local lawmakers.
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The former directors of Caledonian Bank estimate only 40 to 70 percent of most of the bank’s loans will be recovered.
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Worldwide reductions in fuel prices and a little help from government bring down local electric bills.
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Cuban migrants sent home
A group of 28 migrants have been sent back home to Cuba via chartered flight, alleviating pressure on the overcrowded Immigration Detention Centre.
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Cayman still aiming for World Cup
Cayman had a disappointing end to the 2015 international North America and Caribbean Rugby Association season for the RHSW National men’s 15s at the SteppingStones Big Game 5 but it was not wholly unexpected.
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Cayman Life
'Plastic in Paradise' a journey through life
The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ newest exhibition, “Plastic in Paradise – Scenes of Real Life Fictions,” features the photography of Heidi Bassett Blair, a Canadian-born artist who now lives in Grand Cayman.
Designers reveal their Fashion Week collections
Cayman Islands Fashion Week 2015 celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, and will stage a fashion show titled “Fashion Rocks” on Saturday, April 25, at the Lions Centre, featuring various Caymanian and Caribbean designers.
Let them bake cake!
Cooking is an essential life skill that should be encouraged in both boys and girls. It fosters a love of food and confidence in the kitchen and is a great way for kids to connect during family time.
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Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
Video: String Fever play in Cayman
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In case you missed it
Deputy Governor Franz Manderson signals that bad customer service in government departments may lead to “separation” – firing – from the public sector.
Cayman's population grew substantially during 2014, according to government estimates.
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