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Today's Date: 28 April 2015
Last Updated: 27 April 2015 23:42:46 EST
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Cayman's Nepalese community unites to support earthquake victims
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Members of Cayman’s small Nepalese community gathered together Sunday to say a prayer for their devastated homeland in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that killed almost 4,000 people.
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A review of Freedom of Information processes may be incumbent upon local FOI managers, many of whom appear to be less-than-versed in what the law requires or the limits it may place on compliance.
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After a six-month respite, local fuel prices are going up once again.
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A lawsuit in a United States federal court in Ohio, pitting the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company against its former claims administrator Simplifi, hinges on whether an email was suitable to give notice and cancel the contract.
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Lack of understanding regarding basic computer technology and information system access protocols led to the potential for major security breaches in the Department of Agriculture prior to last year.
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Cayman Islands Fashion Week rocks the island
The fifth Cayman Islands Fashion Week was a whirlwind of celebrity events, including Saturday’s “Fashion Rocks” catwalk show hosted by Caymanian TV actress Grace Gealey and photographer and former model Nigel Barker.
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Cubans give fans golden cheer
The NORCECA Beach Volleyball season has for the last seven years started in Grand Cayman – mainly because it is by consensus the best organized and most picturesque venue on the circuit – and on Sunday it wrapped up with a surprising men’s winner.
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Cayman Life
Duets: The bittersweet comedy of romance
“Duets,” a comedy by Peter Quilter, the author of the hugely popular West End hit “Glorious!” will be opening at the Prospect Playhouse on Thursday, April 16.   
LIME presents Cayman Carnival Batabano 2015
Do you hear the music? Do you feel the street vibrating? Do you see flashes of color in the distance? It must all mean that Batabano is here all week long ...  
The 'greening' of Cayman: slow, steady, complicated
In the next 90 days, the Caribbean will take another incremental step toward sustainable consumption as Cayman’s John Felder ships to Cuba the first electric cars in the island’s history.
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Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
Video: String Fever play in Cayman
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A change is needed for immigration's business staffing plan regime, the premier says.
The new minimum wage report documents the frequent exploitation and abuse of domestic workers.
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