Today's Date: 08 October 2015
Last Updated: 07 October 2015 17:48:13 EST
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Key government posts in limbo
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The senior ranks of Cayman's civil service are filled with "acting," but not the Hollywood kind.
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Mr. Suckoo, it’s your turn to present.
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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines were in advanced negotiations with government and Port Authority officials in early 2012 over upgrades to the Royal Watler dock that would have allowed the Genesis class mega-ships to visit Grand Cayman.
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A public demonstration is being planned to protest government’s decision to move forward with plans for cruise piers in George Town harbor.
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Meeting minutes from the Cayman Turtle Farm show high turnover among managers.
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Lions help out on World Sight Day
The Lions Club of Grand Cayman is among those globally participating in Lions World Sight Day and raising awareness about sight-related issues. “Vision is perhaps one of the club’s greatest strengths and programs, such as the annual sight screening within the schools,” said Ewan Jacques, president of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman.
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Football season kicks off Sunday
The much-awaited football season kicks off Sunday with two Charity Shield games.
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Cayman Life
Cocktail Week shakes up Cayman
Get ready to broaden your beverage knowledge during this year’s Cayman Cocktail Week, and try innovative concoctions prepared by bartenders at some of Cayman’s most loved bars and restaurants.  
Glamorous Galas
Cayman’s gala season has begun in earnest and electronic schedules are filling up fast. With several worthy causes to choose from, where does one begin?  
Stingrays wow on wall
A giant mosaic depicting Cayman’s emblematic stingrays has been stopping guests in their tracks as they arrive at a hotel on Seven Mile Beach. 


Some local businesses are already advertising about Christmas. When do you start your Christmas planning? Do you like that several businesses like to get a head start, or do you think it’s overkill? (Click here)

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In case you missed it
The Cayman Compass has produced an in-depth special report to shed light on what is being proposed in the draft Labour Relations Bill, 2015. This report includes arguments for and against the bill; a history of labor legislation; and articles to put the bill into perspective if it is passed into law.
Football boss Bruce Blake has promised full cooperation with any investigation into the Cayman Islands Football Association’s finances after being confirmed as acting leader of the organization.
Cruise berthing facilities in George Town harbor have been debated for so long that many Caymanians were either children or not even born when the issue was first considered. The Cayman Compass Special Report, The Dock Debate, looks at the issue of cruise berthing from a wide range of topics.
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