Today's Date: 20 December 2014
Last Updated: 19 December 2014 16:32:08 EST
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Healthcare co-pays, benefit reductions recommended
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The harsh realities of healthcare costs are about to hit Cayman Islands government workers.
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Osbourne Bodden must be relieved of his responsibilities as Minister of Health, Youth, Sports and Culture. If he refuses to resign, he must be removed.
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Osbourne Bodden has been removed from his position as Minister of Health and Culture, but retained as Minister responsible for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, the Cayman Islands government announced Friday. Premier Alden McLaughlin will assume the role of Minister of Health and Culture with Jennifer Ahearn as his chief officer.
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Plans for an independent complaints authority to investigate public grievances about the police could be shelved in favor of moving that role into a new ombudsman’s office.
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Immigration officer Carlington Dawson is found guilty of work permit offenses and will be sentenced in February.
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A traditional Christmas spread
Christmas beef and spiced sorrel are the stars of a traditional Caymanian festive feast.
Book recounts childhood memories of Cayman
Donna Evangeline Grech-Baxendales recently penned book recalls fond memories of days growing up in the district of Bodden Town.
Christmas traditions of a bygone era
Cayman Christmases of yesteryear were a magical time for children and adults, alike, with many Caymanians relying on their resourcefulness and creativity to create their very own traditions. Whether it was sand yards, marching in the streets, or homemade decorations derived from nature, it was a special bygone era that remains in the hearts and minds of many today.
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Video: Health City Cayman Islands, Grand Opening
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In case you missed it
According to multiple accounts shared with the Cayman Compass, Health Minister Osbourne Bodden last week engaged in a screaming and profanity-laced encounter with his ministry’s chief officer, who was serving as acting deputy governor at the time.
More fallout from a government minister's expletive-laced tirade comes to light.
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